How Task Management Software can Keep your Team Organized

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Task Management Software can Keep your Team Organized

Managing a team and organizing work on a daily basis are entirely different ball games. Right from initiating projects to delegating tasks to follow up on the outcomes, there is a lot to be done in terms of organizing a team. Gone are the days when everything was done on a simple excel sheet delegation. The manager had to sit for hours for directly strategizing, and frequent scrums had to be organized for getting a heads up on the progress. However, in today’s day and age, more and more teams are bending towards using tools such as task management software for better management of projects. To that effect, we will further discuss how projects and teams stay more organized with the help of such extra tools.

Useful Features of Task Management Software

While Trello is a popular option, there are many Trello alternative in the market that offer beneficial features. Most of the efficient task management software options offer the following features:

Task Scheduling

With this feature, you can keep timelines in check. Each person would know what task is to be achieved when and would also hold accountability for completing it. This would also ensure that the rest of the team does not have to suffer in case a task calls for codependency.

Recurrent Tasks

A lot of times, a team member can skip a task if it has to be performed repetitively. With good software, you will be able to set reminders wherein the person will be able to perform it in the stipulated duration of time. This comes in really handy with project scheduling.

Reporting and Visualizing

Observational skills are very important for task management. It highly increases the project scope and helps in betterment at every level. This helps in giving efficient output and increasing productivity.

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Helps in Prioritizing Work

One of the most important things for a project to give the expected result is proper scheduling and prioritizing tasks in the right order. With the right software, you can prioritize work in the following manner:

1. Set Calendars:

Having a calendar set means the team knows which meetings are important and what are the submission deadlines. Calendars help a project right from its nascent stage- which is submitting a project proposal to the completion of the project.

2. Make Deadlines Clear from the Beginning:

With software, the entire team would remain on the same page.  Since the beginning, they will know of the timeline and with constant reminders, the efficiency of the team will simply increase.

3. Have One-stop Solution for All Team Members:

All the team members can use the software to see how much work is done by the other members as well. This will ensure there is no break in work and everything gets done on time.

Improves Collaboration

Most teams tend to have clusters within themselves. The sales team will coordinate with each other, but would not be as efficiently coordinated with the accounts team. With the right project management software, you will witness enhanced communication between team members.

This can range from simple doubts where a certain team member’s expertise is required or a constant follow up with the leadership wherein a lot of delays can be avoided. It is highly impossible to physically co-ordinate and clear doubts constantly. Hence, having the right task management software can save up on time and help with better collaboration.

Take, for example, project portfolio management – wherein the goals of the leadership need to be in tandem with the correct delegation of the tasks. This keeps the investments and profit in place, otherwise, the management suffers through losses. Hence, proper collaboration is very important, and the right management software is vital.

Works with Accountability

Gone are the days, when scrums and team meetings had to be planned to keep in mind the leadership’s schedule. It would end up increasing the project hours and would also decrease productivity, in case the performance of a certain employee was not at par. These regular meetings can discourage employees and affect the entire team’s output.

But, when accountability is set right from the beginning and a proper pathway is prepared with deadlines, then the team members can communicate without attracting too much attention and clear doubts as well. Such software works especially well for teams that have things like graphic design or sub writers working. Submissions of assignments can be done on time and the team leader can hold the team accountable with proper deadlines set.

Keeps All Delegated Tasks and All Progress in One Place

The most important feature of this software is that it keeps the entire documentation or the entire progress under one roof. Each step and task completion is mentioned in one place making it very easy for everybody to track the remaining progress. It would also help the leadership keep a track of employee’s performance and know the contribution to the project.


In a nutshell, management software can really help the teams for managing multiple projects. It does not only save up on time but also keeps from errors repeating in loops. For large teams that have multiple projects, it is ideal to go for software like this; because the performance and output are highly dependent on how well they organize their projects. Currently, there are many options available in the market. Depending on your work profile and preferences, you can choose which one will work well for your team. If your team is not technically inclined, then go for software that is easy to maneuver and offers easy functionalities. This will help in keeping your team at par with the completions scheduled and help your company produce better results.

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Shyamal Parikh is the CEO and founder of SmartTask, a project management tool. Through online collaboration, SmartTask helps companies increase their productivity by as much as 40%.

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