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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

Success is dependent on teamwork.

Since organizations use multiple tools for their business processes, integration of the tools drives collaboration and teamwork. And, Salesforce and Jira are two of the most popular ones.

Salesforce enables you to manage customer relationships from a single source while Jira on the other hand allows you to track bugs and manage projects.

Integrating the two powerful platforms makes cross-platform collaboration between customer support and product development teams smooth. Therefore, ensuring that they work on the same wavelength and deliver customer experiences that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The integration when done by customization can however can leave you inequipped.

A connector like Sinergify is your ally here.

Sinergify, a Salesforce-Jira connector, enables you to integrate your Salesforce and Jira instances effectively and foster better collaboration across your customer support and product teams.

This blog post entails how Sinergify will enable you to connect your Salesforce-Jira instances smoothly and synchronize work between teams.

Let’s begin

Enterprise Tools Integration and Data Synchronization

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Sinergify over custom development for Salesforce – Jira integration

For every Salesforce-Jira implementation, there are three important phases and ownerships-

  1. Stakeholders and business requirements
  2. Business analyst and implementation
  3. Developers and developments

Let’s understand how Sinergify empowers you more over custom integration for each phase/persona.

Stakeholders and Business Requirements

Bi-directional communication, which involves comments, feeds, and attachments, needs to be built separately.Out of the box, real-time syncing for comments/feeds/files. Teams can communicate with each other and pass on the right information at the right time.
Non-real-time updates will lead to delays in support. The support team won’t have updates on time which will result in high-resolution time and delayed responsesReal-time updates of Jira will be available inside Salesforce. Support teams are therefore enabled to get real-time updates, and perform the action on time. This will lower case duration and increase customer satisfaction
The engineering team on the Jira side will have no visibility inside Salesforce. They need to wait for support agents to reply back.Using Sinergify’s Jira plugin, engineering teams can view Salesforce details, comments, and feeds within Jira, without any extra Salesforce license.
In the case of notifications, doing a time-based sync will create bulk notifications for agents.Real-time sync will allow sending notifications on genuine updates, that too at the right time.
Business needs to wait to implement new requirements ‘Enable new projects/mappings quickly as per the business requirements
Reports are rigid. Cannot expect more data as per the need at the appropriate timeUse Jira information in Salesforce reports of any mapped fields.
 All teams need separate budgets and time to get their use cases implemented.You can cover all the use cases where teams need to integrate with Jira and everything is available via OOB. You might need to spend on some complex logic as per the business requirements but maximum functionalities will be available.

Business Analyst and Implementation

No control over BA/Admins to do any change on an urgent request. They always need to follow the development process to make any required changes.Admins have full access to settings where they can enable/change new projects, and mappings, and modify the behavior of syncing.
They are always dependent on Jira admins to know about the changes they are doing and then run it to the Salesforce Dev team for making the respective changes. To avoid breaking the integration, Jira teams will always have to include BAs/Admins and need their confirmation. All of this will cause delays.Automated/One-click solution to synchronize any meta-data change into Salesforce. No delay for Jira and Salesforce team to sync new information.
Once the systems are live, Usually team hesitates to bring any new change until its urgent due to all the efforts and multiple team involvementsEverything is configurable with simple clicks. The team would love to identify new use cases that can easily set up.


Can only do basic authorization. For token-based Auth, separate UI and Development are required. If your Jira is behind SSO, you cannot use basic auth.Supports both types of authentication.
Jira Project and field syncing will be done based on initial requirements
Adding a new project or Field mapping is not easy. The development and deployment process needs to be followed causing delays in delivery.
Beyond the field, mapping of picklist values is another development and maintenance task
Any new change in Jira can break the integration. For example, a new required field is added and now to add the change in Salesforce, development is required.
Code Less approach. Everything is easily configurable and supported by relevant Documentation and Knowledge Articles from Sinergify Experts
Maintenance is required. No features, only basic requirementsYou will get all the features like Create, Link, Search, OOB Automations like Ruleset, & Validations, Sync metadata, and many more.
Separate development efforts for integration, UI/UXGet Production-ready dynamic and interactive lightning UI/UX without any development
Complex Bi-directional development.Real-time Bi-directional updates. Plugin on Jira to showcase SF details on Jira
All the development gets added in the org governor limitsSinergify will work with separate Limits. This means you can get full resources for other important activities.
No Support. Any change will be a CRProduct Support + Online documentation + Videos
Building a basic integration with UI/UX can cost up to 200-450 hours which is equivalent to $10K- $20KFlat Cost for unlimited users + free upgrades with all new features


In conclusion, while custom integration can provide businesses with a tailored solution, it often requires significant time, resources, and technical expertise. Sinergify, on the other hand, provides businesses with a pre-built, user-friendly, secure, and reliable integration solution that can be customized and scaled to meet their specific needs. By choosing Sinergify, businesses can save time and money, while improving collaboration and streamlining their processes between Salesforce and Jira.

To know more about how Sinergify can help you enable effective collaboration between teams, watch a demo here.

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