Leading Medical Device Manufacturer Successfully Migrates Data from Micro Focus ALM to Azure DevOps

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Understanding the ‘Kovair QuickSync’ Data Migration Success Story

In our latest blog, we’re spotlighting Kovair’s success in a recent data migration project. We efficiently moved ALM data from Micro Focus (MF) ALM to Azure DevOps (ADO) for a global medical devices organization.

Despite challenges, we completed the project seamlessly in just a few months, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Read on for more details on our recent success story.

Wondering about our Success Story takeaways?

The top 5 key pointers from this recent Project’s resounding success are stated below.

Big Brains & Robust Tool – A Win-Win for All

Mapping out a meticulous plan detailing the migration process in both our staging and production environments was instrumental in making it successful. We’d love to acknowledge our product leaders, solution consultants, and implementation team for their commendable efforts.

Speed is of the Essence

Company leadership directed the team to complete the migration as quickly as possible with minimal impact. We knew this would be no small feat since its scope would involve migrating the company’s massive dataset. This implies converting, dissecting, and implementing a project that originally spanned over several months into one that can be accomplished within a few weeks.

Money Saved is Money Earned

Leadership plays a crucial role in ensuring that IT expenditures align directly with the success of the business, especially in the face of unpredictable IT budgets. Introducing our cost-effective ALM data migration solution to the client has resulted in significant cost savings for them.

Making them Smile

The positive response from the customer was driven by our capacity to handle project execution effectively and provide a scalable solution. The QuickSync tool exhibited exceptional flexibility, meeting their business requirements seamlessly. Picture an intuitive interface for sanity checks, complemented by side-by-side comparisons, delivering comprehensive visibility into the completeness of the data.

A Massive Migration Ends in Success

Numerous companies exhibit reluctance towards ALM dataset migration due to concerns about intricate processes and potential disruptions to business operations. Even fewer are open to discontinuing the use of an established tool and transitioning to a new one, despite having committed to making such a leap.

Our accomplishment lies in executing substantial data relocation without any service disruptions for our clients. The seamless transition went unnoticed, and both parties deemed the data migration a resounding success.

At the end, we coined a new catchphrase “0 % Error + Downtime = 100 % Happiness!”

Secure and Error Free Data Migration with Zero Data Loss

Live Product Demo by our Experts

Statistical Highlights of Kovair’s Achievements!

Noteworthy milestones:

  • < 0.01% reported migration issues.
  • With no end-user interruptions, the entire migration was completed in < 2 months.
  • Parallel migration executed from 10 Windows boxes simultaneously.
  • Migration transaction rates approximately 100+ records per minute.
  • 200,000+ data migrated from MF ALM to Azure DevOps.

Data Migration Customer Satisfaction:

Are you frustrated with the hassles and bottlenecks of migrating your data? Colossal enterprise costs sinking your profits?

QuickSync streamlines and accelerates data migration automation within a matter of weeks, eliminating the need for dependence on legacy systems with high license costs. With QuickSync, your project teams can bid farewell to the stress associated with any data migration project.

Throughout the migration process, the client team members receive training sessions aimed at enhancing their understanding of QuickSync capabilities.

Since its establishment, Kovair QuickSync has gained trust, utilization, and appreciation from numerous small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. It proves valuable for enterprises looking to transfer data from a single source to a sole target tool, as well as to multiple targets. The user-friendly interface ensures effortless customization for users.

To know how our Clients feel about QuickSync, visit the Testimonials page.

How does QuickSync Data Migration work?

Are you seeking a seamless migration of your current dataset between two tools, ensuring a smooth transition for future development and test activities?

Kovair’s flagship product QuickSync is your go-to solution.

Kovair QuickSync stands out as a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for all your developmental tool data migration needs. As a Windows desktop solution, it is not only more economical, requiring minimal infrastructure, but also boasts simplicity in both installation and usage.

  • Kovair initiates the migration process with a comprehensive understanding of the data structure.
  • Kovair reaches a consensus on the migration use cases with the Client.
  • QuickSync tool is subsequently installed within a Windows box in the client’s environment.
  • The configuration, involving the phased mapping of Projects, Artefacts, and Fields between the tools, is meticulously performed.
  • The entire configuration is achieved through mouse clicks, eliminating the need for any coding.

The following table illustrates the comparative study of seamless data migration features between Kovair QuickSync and other major competitors.

FeaturesKovair QuickSyncIndustry Competitors
Dedicated configuration of migration tool pair YESNO
Parallel migration based on VMs and servicesYESNO
Concurrent monitoring and re-execution of legacy dataYESNO
Post-migration data sanity checkerYESNO
Records data and link volume reportingYESNO

QuickSync USPs Drilldown

Some of the notable USPs of using the Kovair QuickSync standalone product are as follows:

  • Easy tool installation.
  • Quick initial setup.
  • Consistent migration of exposed Artefact data & relationships.
  • Continue using tools during data migration/syncing.
  • Reduction in infrastructure costs lead to cost benefits.
  • Template-based migration to create a configuration once & reuse it.
  • Real-time monitoring to check status.
  • In-built recovery mechanism & re-migration capability to prevent data loss.
  • Generate quick analysis on-screen reports.
  • Save time & effort with an automated data checker.
  • Parallel migration & multi-hosting capabilities.
  • Use a single-point console for phase-wise data synchronization & migration.
  • Codeless configuration for mapping.
  • Simple licensing is based on successful transactions.
  • Supports transformation and data overriding.

How did QuickSync attract the Client?

  • Who was our Client?

    The client is a prominent medical technology company based in the United States, operating globally across multiple continents. Their products are distributed to over 100 countries worldwide. Previously, they organized their work activities using the MF ALM tool.
  • What was the Business Need of the Client?

    Post-migration, the global medical technologies company aimed to transfer its legacy data from the old MF ALM platform to the more recent Azure DevOps tool platform. For further info, read this case study.
  • How was Kovair selected as the solution provider?

    The Client wanted to acquire a platform that possesses the necessary flexibility to seamlessly adapt as per their unique business needs. In search of a dependable and affordable way to move project data from MF ALM to ADO, the company turned to Kovair.

The client sought expertise to design and implement a viable, cost-effective solution, which led them to Kovair Software.

Breakdown of the Data Migration Project

Some major project challenges

  1. Specific data inter-relationships’ had to be maintained.
  2. To-be-migrated data volume can be cumbersome without automation.
  3. ALM and ADO being cross-vendor tools, there was no native connectivity between them.
  4. Tool Artefacts had contrasting differences in data models.
  5. Merging items from multiple MF ALM projects to Azure DevOps projects added to the migration complexity.
  6. All Attachments, Comments and Change History (Audit Log) associated with all MF ALM Artefacts had to be migrated.
  7. The client had set a strict deadline since MF ALM was inaccessible after project execution.
  8. Ensuring data sanity was imperative in maintaining quality standards.
  9. During the Project, the Client Team was rigorously Testing for their upcoming Release, so no downtime for the migration was available. A Delta load was adjusted after the Release activities were done.
  • Proposition of Data Migration Solution

    As part of the ALM to ADO migration, Kovair had to investigate Requirements, Test Cases, Test Runs, and Defects, and cross-check Artefact relationships. Using criteria-based migration, Kovair QuickSync found updated and newly added records and resolved the delta load in minimal time. You can find more details here.
  • Data Migration Project Execution

    The Kovair team is adept at setting up necessary tool configurations, including connecting, mapping projects, users, and entities, generating business flows, and installing necessary migration (QuickSync) related Windows services. After that, the migration procedure was completed without continual oversight.

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