Strategic Trends in Software Development

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Software Development

Today’s rapid digital transformation affects all areas of our life. New technologies in software development appear regularly, affecting the way the novel software works and creating new markets.

To understand how technology will impact all areas of our life in 2021 and beyond, let’s consider the hot trends in software development that are here to stay.

Top 5 software development trends

1. Internet of things

IoT is one of the biggest emerging trends in 2021. Fitness trackers, smart microwaves and smoke alarms are integrated into our daily lives and change the world. Thanks to the development of technologies like 5G, the number of connected devices will exceed 22B by 2024. Changes will take place most rapidly in such industries as construction, telecommunication and healthcare, as predicted by experts.

2. Artificial intelligence

AI is already widely used by such tech giants as Google and Facebook. Yet, its market will significantly grow by 2025, as this technology allows businesses to improve operations, reduce costs, and ensure good customer service. In particular, companies in healthcare, education and social media will use AI to offer a personalized experience, create images and content, and predict consumer behavior.

3. The growth of Python

Python is called one of the fastest-growing programming languages. There’s a number of reasons for that, from the emerging popularity of AI and ML development to the low entry barrier. Python is used for a variety of jobs in software development, and the young programmers learn it on their own and share their knowledge with an IT community which makes it even easier for everyone to write code on a professional level.

4. Big data

Internet users generate unimaginable amounts of data, and big data is used to analyze and visualize this data, turning it into meaningful insights that can be used for decision-making. Data can be derived from videos, pictures, emails, social media, transcripts, and more. By analyzing this data, a company can manage risks, understand consumer behavior, and build predictive analytics.

5. Progressive web applications  

PWA is a technology that transforms the website into an app when the users view it using a browser. They are easy to develop, don’t require high internet speed and offer website accessibility from any browser. At the same time, they offer optimal performance. That’s why companies like Google and Aliexpress are heavily relying on this technology.

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