Steps for Organizing a Successful Online DevOps Conference

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All technology companies and enthusiasts should consider holding successful online events. Online event marketing is an essential strategy in today’s digital world. If you’re not participating, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

However, holding a successful online DevOps conference is easier said than done. You need the right planning, technology, and execution to serve your audience while hitting your business targets.

In this post, we will cover several powerful ways to run your conference better. WIth them, you can promote your brand, earn new revenue, and gain loyal customers.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Choose Smart Topics

The first step in your conference planning is knowing which topics to cover. If they are not the right fit for your audience, your credibility will go down.

Here is what to keep in mind when devising your topics.

  • Relevance. Do research to determine which topics interest your audience. Without this step, you won’t engage them.
  • Depth vs. Breadth. Make sure you have a good mix of broader topics to cover, while also diving deeper into some specific problems in your market to build credibility while keeping things interesting.
  • Trends. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to understand what kinds of solutions your audience is searching for and address them during your conference.
  • Specificity. The more specifically you can address your audience’s problems, the more you will demonstrate that you understand how to help them.
  • Tied to KPIs. Always attempt to tie your features and product conversations to specific benefits. Attendees need to understand how they will impact their bottom line.

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The more value you offer, the more successful your event will be.

Find the Right High-Quality Speakers

You need to find great speakers for your event. The right guests will boost visibility and encourage more people to join the conference.

Choose speakers with the following qualities:

  • Social Media Following. Look for influencers who already have a following you can leverage for cross-promotion opportunities. This also helps attract a larger audience you can sell to during your conference.
  • Proven Expertise. Vet your speakers well. They should have experience working at premier companies or producing excellent results in the past.
  • Affordable Fees. Find the right fee arrangement. Consider giving them a percentage of the sales instead of a flat fee for built-in incentives.

You want your speaker to offer quality and attract visitors, without being unattainable for your budget.

Promote Your Event

The “build it, and they will come” model won’t work with online conferences. You need to use digital and other tools at your disposal to attract attendees.

Here are some tools you can use:

  • Facebook and Instagram. If you aren’t using two of the most popular online platforms in the world to get the word out about your event, you’re missing out.
  • Twitter. This network is excellent for short-form content. Now that it allows you to include videos, you can leverage it to show off conference previews.
  • Email. Addressing your email list is an excellent way to promote. After all, if someone subscribed to your email list, that means they are already interested in what you offer.
  • YouTube. A fantastic resource for creating high-quality videos and product demonstrations. Create tutorials, introduce your team, and more to make a more personable brand image.
  • Face-to-Face. In a post-pandemic world, it is harder to meet with consumers in real life. However, if you can do it safely, this is a great way to reach your prospects.

Each of these channels will help you reach your audience in its way.

Engage Your Audience

You need to keep your audience engaged. Don’t take them for granted. Remember that they owe you nothing and that they are attending your virtual conference to learn.

With that in mind, here are some strategies to include:

  • Watch the Time. People’s attention spans are shrinking. You can’t assume they will listen to your every word. Make sure you get to the point quickly and take breaks to keep attention spans sharp.
  • Get Them Involved. Try to induce engagement through online questions, or anything that requires interaction.
  • Show Specific Demonstrations of Solutions. The best way to engage an audience is to show them what they want. They logged into your conference for a reason — be sure to deliver on your promises.
  • Choose Your Topics Wisely. Create a memorable experience by planning ahead. If you can stay on their mind after the event, it will be easier to turn them into customers and online event marketing is an essential strategy.

With these strategies, you will be able to create a memorable experience that will cement your reputation as a thought leader in your field.

Check Your Tech

All is well until your tech glitches. Be sure to check your equipment beforehand to avoid mishaps. For instance, you may need to take a look at the following aspects of your conference setup:

  • Projection / Visual Displays. What kind of visuals will you use? Videos, photographs, live slideshows? Make sure they work in advance.
  • Proper lighting will help your speakers and presenters appear more professional and position your conference as a premium experience.
  • Live Interaction and Engagement. If you plan on fielding comments, calls, or other forms of audience participation, be sure to test it in-house before taking your conference online.
  • Voice and Sound. Microphones, cords, and audio setups should be running smoothly in advance.
  • Data Collection. What kind of information will you collect from participants? Have a backend plan that won’t suffer from overload.

Help your audience focus on the content of the event!

Wrapping Up

If you have a DevOps or technology company, running a successful online conference is more important than ever. More consumers are moving online, so you need to leverage this trend.

A great online conference will position you ahead of the competition, as in-person events are currently nearly impossible to execute. With these steps, you can get more exposure in the marketplace and generate growth with your DevOps conference.

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