Software Testing Strategies to Boost Business Growth

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Software Testing Strategies to Boost Business Growth

This article explores software testing strategies that can improve business performance. In this article, you will get tips on how to establish long-term cooperation, create thoughtful test cases, and how to find the right way between manual and automatic quality control. Implement these strategies at an early stage, and you are likely to see positive results.

Intense competition in the technology market helps to combine development with sufficient testing and quality assurance before launching the product. However, software testing is often left behind when collecting product requirements. The software quality assurance strategy implemented in the early stages improves business performance.

Let us move on to discussing four strategies in the field of QA and software testing, which will play a decisive role this year for business growth.

  1. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in QA

A couple of years ago, the potential of these technologies around the world was breathtaking. Now it seems that smart assistants, neural networks, algorithmic advertising, and intelligent CRM systems are firmly established in people’s lives. However, according to a study by Forrester, in 2019, only 29% of global software developers used Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software.

It would be wrong to say that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) are mature technologies, the application of which is always clear and evident for business. And this can also explain the fact that the number of respondents who introduced AI in the testing process in 2019 decreased by 15% in 12 months and now amounts to 42%. Those companies that used Artificial Intelligence in their work began to evaluate its capabilities more realistically and only soon began to delve deeper into this industry.

In 2020, AI will be especially relevant to reduce the risk of defects and create smart panels. On the other hand, it will also help to increase employee productivity, make better business decisions, and speed up business processes.

  1. Reasonable automation of testing

The process automation trend has remained a popular IT trend over the past few years. For example, automation of communication with customers allows improving the quality of interaction, reducing the human impact on the process, and saving the budget for employees.

As one of the strategic trends in technology, Gartner introduced hyper-automation the use of Machine Learning, a ready-made software product, and automation tools in combination to perform any work.

By automating “everything” and creating thousands of autotests, you can get low-quality tests that are hard to be sure. To increase the effectiveness of the testing, you also need to remember manual checks, which in some cases cannot be done.

  1. Implementation of testing in DevOps

You can improve software quality indefinitely, but DevOps helps to deliver applications at high speeds and also remain flexible. However, according to WQR, only 1% of the respondents did not encounter any problems in implementing these approaches. The use of DevOps strategies allows you to accelerate business growth with the right application of the necessary tools. For example, after implementing this strategy, WowEssays accelerated its business growth (

IT representatives note that many factors slow down the success of DevOps:

  • Operational work and business priorities.
  • A set of technologies.
  • Skills required to work with tools.

In the first case, the question arises of the importance of new processes for the company. Operational work, clear deadlines, the desire to work faster prevent the business from stopping and choosing a more successful strategic direction in development.

If the specialist is not qualified enough or works only according to the established rules, the process may not take root, and the team will get rid of it, thinking that DevOps is not for them.

Remember also that when attracting an external specialist, the internal team should take an active part in innovations, adapt them to their processes, helping to understand the company’s culture and business features.

  1. Giving more attention to testing safety

With accelerated release cycles, software security is one of the first places. Quality engineers should make sure that only protected code gets into production. For example, if you release a social network application with non-critical defects into the release, then it will not be as dangerous as if such errors are found in the software in the field of recording the health status of patients.

Companies should invest more in resolving security-related issues and monitor the security of customer data by the General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR), the California Consumer Personal Data Protection Act  (CCPA), and other similar regulations.

Also, to obtain the highest quality results, you should conduct security testing as early as possible in the software development life cycle.

Since autonomous things and hyper-automation are often implemented in such applications, all this creates even more security problems, increasing the potential points of cyberattacks. Sometimes it is impossible to accomplish the task on the part of specialists. For example, with too many cybersecurity threats – AI can be actively used to strengthen the software protection system.


QA is increasingly focused on ensuring that the business brings good results, and the company expands. Thanks to timely and high-quality testing, the market receives more upscale products focused on the needs of the end-user.

To continue to influence business results and promote growth positively, you need to consider the relevant trends in the field of QA. In 2020, experts recommend remembering the importance of implementing testing in DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in QA, as well as the wise conduct of automation testing and security checks of IT systems. It will help to bring software quality to a new level and take care of the loyal attitude of end-users to your product.

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