Role of Reports and Dashboards in ALM and How Kovair Handles Them

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Reports and Dashboards can be extremely influential in guiding a project or software delivery towards successful completion. Reports with real time data collected from various tools empower the management to make informed business decisions. Reports and dashboards also help organizations to find answers to the critical business questions.

With the need of the hour being specialist tools for specific needs in the ALM domain, the importance of cross tool metrics has also increased manifold. Most organizations are beginning to adopt the approach of Integrated ALM for software delivery. They prefer to use the best of the breed point tools for various ALM functions. So the need of assembling all these data from different tools has become one of the major requirements for organizations to be able to generate varieties of reports to measure the health of a project.

Modern ALM solutions offer high-end reporting options with enough flexibility. The need of metrics might change or evolve during the course of ALM, and so the tool used for reporting needs to be flexible to adapt to the evolving needs of reporting. For example, in the initial stages of a project ‘Requirement Submission Vs Approval’ trend report might be helpful, but as the project approaches towards delivery ‘Requirement Approval Vs Closure’ trend report might be more critical.


Submission and Approval Trends
Figure 1 (A Kovair Report showing Submission and Approval Trends of Requirements gathered from JIRA)


Let’s see how Kovair handles the Reports and Dashboards with some very specific examples.

In Kovair, there is an extensive range of reports and dashboards that can be prepared pertaining to the specific needs of an organization or even of a specific user. As many as nine different kinds of reports can be configured in Kovair. The need of reporting varies with each user in the ALM domain. The need of metrics of a developer varies from that of a tester. Cross tool reporting is also facilitated in Kovair. Requirements which are originally from a different tool say JIRA, can be flown into Kovair and reports can be generated from that data (refer Fig 1). From a managerial perspective it is crucial for them to have access to such reports which would give them a fair overview of the present status of the project. Project level reports can be configured in Kovair accordingly, for such scenarios.


Project Level Metrics
Figure 2 (Project Level Metrics in Kovair)


A multinational company works on several projects simultaneously. Management in the highest rung of the organization might be interested to know the health of all these projects from one single report. Such cross project reports can also be designed in Kovair.


Project Reporting
Figure 3 (Cross Project Reporting in Kovair)


Dashboards can also be configured in Kovair, pertaining to the needs of a specific user. Kovair dashboard constitutes of different gadgets which might vary from an entity level report to a catalogue to add entity items. The access of dashboards can be restricted to specific users of user groups. The gadgets in dashboards have drill down capabilities, which allows the user to find out the minute details of respective items, from the dashboard itself. When dealing with a huge number of requirements, nothing can be more beneficial to a manager than to have a one-stop dashboard which would provide him/her with all the information that is necessary.


Model Dashboard
Figure 4 (A Model Dashboard in Kovair)


In an increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations need to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors. With the comprehensive integration capabilities of Kovair Omnibus coupled with the extensive range of dashboard and reporting metrics, it becomes easy to achieve important organizational goals by taking the right decisions at the right time.

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