Role and Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

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Who is a DevOps engineer?

DevOps is a concept that helps to combine two important teams the software development and IT operations in software engineering. The main idea of DevOps is to integrate these two processes with integration tools in order to automate the software development lifecycle which in turn leads to better communication between teams, efficient bug control, better planning, more releases, and more RoI for organizations implementing DevOps.

A DevOps engineer is the one who possesses a strong knowledge about the software development lifecycle and has a detailed understanding of the automation of the CI, CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Development) pipelines. He can be a developer who became interested in the deployment process and has the insight to improve planning and execution for better deployment.

The role of a DevOps engineer

  • The fundamental role of a DevOps engineer is to bridge communication the gap between the development and operations teams, which were originally working in silos. Hence, he must be an excellent communicator.
  • A DevOps engineer must be a skillful collaborator as he must shape upon the work of other teams. His position is more like a project manager who is assigned to ensure the smooth running of the DevOps as implemented in an organization.
  • The role of a DevOps engineer demands to have a ‘customer-service’ oriented mindset as he usually takes care of the demands of internal clients like the developers (both software and application), internal stakeholders, project managers and members of the DevOps team in an organization.
  • A DevOps engineer must efficiently implement feedbacks from end-users and have the skill to re-engineer approaches as in when needed.

Responsibilities of a DevOps engineer

Out of numerous responsibilities some important tasks of DevOps engineer:

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  • The first and foremost responsibility is to choose the most appropriate tools and technologies best suited to the business requirements of an organization.
  • A DevOps engineer is responsible for guiding teams towards continuous integration and continuous deployment; hence, he must have extensive knowledge of the automation tools and their application like Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet Enterprise, Nagios, Chef, and Ansible.
  • A DevOps engineer oversees handling the total IT infrastructure. A DevOps engineer is responsible to ensure proper implementation of the automation tools, monitor and re-engineer the existing system based on the client’s feedback.
  • A DevOps engineer is responsible for conducting system tests in order to ensure optimum data security, availability, and performance. Testing is a crucial part of the transition process from the development phase to the release phase needs effective handling.
  • A DevOps engineer is responsible for understanding the language, framing and proper evaluation of code. He must communicate the detailed analysis to the development teams, this ensures overall improvement and completion of the projects within the expected deadline. Hence the knowledge of coding is essential for him.


DevOps is an emerging concept which is getting implemented by various companies to streamline and automate their production process, hence the role of a DevOps engineer is not pre-defined.

Apart from some specific skillsets like efficient communication, managerial abilities, knowledge of tools and experience, the most important quality required to become a DevOps engineer is to balance various technical and non-technical responsibilities for seamless execution of DevOps.

A DevOps engineer is the one who manages the teams, plans, executes, monitors to maintain the execution of automation of the CI&CD pipelines. Maintaining data security, working on feedbacks and clearly communicating the desired outcome to the team members, for smooth cross-team coordination and collaboration.

Having said that, it is a developing role and there is a long way ahead; where opportunities are endless.

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