Reaping the Benefits of Integrating IBM Rhapsody with Kovair Omnibus

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The way the Application Lifecycle Management – ALM software tools have evolved in the last decade or so has been phenomenal. Several modern tools have come up with enhanced capabilities aimed to make life easier for every individual involved in the ALM domain. One such tool added to the IBM Rational family in the late 2000s is Rhapsody, catering to the Design domain of the ALM lifecycle. Another development in the ALM space has been the introduction of Integration.

Integration gained its popularity over the years and people have started realizing its value as well. It is now an established fact that an Integrated ALM ecosystem adds more value than isolated best-of- breed tools. Thus whenever a new tool is introduced, one primary parameter based on which it is judged is its ability to communicate with other tools. Rhapsody is no different, and in this blog we will discuss the values of integrating Rhapsody with the rest of your ALM ecosystem.

Kovair Omnibus Integration platform already has more than 100+ adapters/connectors for different tools catering to the ALM domain. The latest addition to this collection is an adapter for Rhapsody. With the help of Kovair Rhapsody adapter, you can easily connect your multi-vendor tools in the ALM ecosystem and bring architects of your organization to work closely with others. There are primarily two components of Kovair that facilitates integration with Rhapsody – Kovair Rhapsody adapter and Kovair Omnibus plug-in for Rhapsody. Both these components play a defining role in facilitating collaboration, traceability, and cross-tool visibility within your ALM ecosystem.

Let us now focus on a sample scenario which will help us understand the benefits of Rhapsody integration well.

IBM Rhapsody Integration with Kovair
Fig: A sample scenario depicting Rhapsody integration with Kovair Omnibus Integration platform

Kovair’s extensive range of connectors ensures that you are most likely to be using a Requirement Management (RM) tool for which Kovair already has an integration adapter. Let us assume this tool to be one of the three – Jama/DOORS/Rally, in which an analyst logs in requirements received from a client. These requirements from RM tool get automatically reflected in the Rhapsody tool interface as per the logic defined in a use case. Additionally, if there are multiple modules for which different teams are working in Rhapsody, Kovair Omnibus ensures that you have a provision to redirect these requirements conditionally to different Rhapsody instances. Thus, your design architects are not fed with any unnecessary data. They receive only those which are relevant to them.

Now, as is often the case, Rhapsody is installed in heterogeneous boxes across the organization. One team might be working on Linux environment and the other on a Windows environment, but none of them is a deterrent to the integration. The architects work from the comfort of their customized environments and create design elements and relations with respect to the requirements. On completion and saving, these items get reflected in Kovair instance on a real time basis. The idea behind making everything available in the Kovair instance is to create a complete traceability inside Kovair. Thus, the Project Manager has a complete visibility of the requirements as well as the design elements linked with them.

The above scenario was an example to illustrate how Kovair Omnibus can seamlessly integrate Rhapsody with the rest of your ALM ecosystem. With this integration, Kovair not only brings the architects or designers of an organization closer to other teams but also ensures that the Requirements along with the associated design are defined correctly to ensure a good quality implementation.

One major benefit that Kovair provides to the world of architects is that they can now work in their own environment and remain synchronized with the Requirements coming from Requirements Management tools. This integration also allows architects to be a part of the automated central workflow cutting across various ALM phases and tools.

Thus, Kovair breaks integration barrier for software architects and makes them an integral part of the entire team rather than making them work in silos.

To know more about Kovair integration support for IBM Rhapsody and its benefits download Rhapsody adapter datasheet here.

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