What are the steps followed in software testing?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Software DevelopmentWhat are the steps followed in software testing?
Matt Brennan asked 2 years ago
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Diksha Kakade answered 1 year ago

Firstly after creating of your app, please check redirection of pages. Make Test case plans then do Manual testing. After completing manual testing you can thoroughly do Automation Testing use available tools.

Akshit Rana answered 1 year ago

In general, the main sequence of steps is the following: Requirement Analysis. Planning the test. Developing the test case. Setting up the test environment. Executing the test. closing the test cycle.

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Charter Global answered 2 months ago

#Softwaretesting can be of two types: Manual and Automated. In this article, we will discuss the concepts related to #manualtesting of an application by covering the details under the following topics:

What is a Manual Testing?
What are the benefits of Manual Testing Activities
Why do we need it?
When to do it?
What are different types of manual testing?
How to perform it?
What are its advantages/disadvantages?
What is the difference between Manual and Automated testing?
And, What is the Ups and Downs of Automation?

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