What are the objectives of Requirement Analysis?

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The purpose of the Requirements Elicitation Process is to gather, process, and track evolving stakeholder needs and requirements throughout the lifecycle of the product and/or service so as to establish a requirements baseline that serves as the basis for defining the needed work products.

As a result of successful implementation of this process:
1) continuing communication with the stakeholder is established;
2) agreed stakeholder requirements are defined and baselined;
3) a change mechanism is established to evaluate and incorporate changes to stakeholder requirements into the baselined requirements based on changing stakeholder needs;
4) a mechanism is established for continuous monitoring of stakeholder needs;
5) a mechanism is established for ensuring that customers can easily determine the status and disposition of their requests; and
6) changes arising from changing technology and stakeholder needs are identified, the associated risks assessed and their impact managed.

Automotive SPICE® Process Reference and Assessment Model (PDF 1800KB) – RELEASE 3.1 – 01 November 2017

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