What are the new challenges and solutions in IT security for DevOps and Cybersecurity?

Forum – Questions and AnswersCategory: DevOpsWhat are the new challenges and solutions in IT security for DevOps and Cybersecurity?
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Enhancement of Transportation Safety for college Children using RFID

This project implements a system to reinforce the security of the transport system for college children using RFID technology. By using this technique , we will monitor the pickup and drop off the varsity children. This system includes two major units, sort of a school unit and a bus unit.

The bus unit is employed to note the youngsters once they board or leave the bus. If the youngsters didn’t board or leave the bus, then this information is often transmitted to the varsity unit immediately.

Implementation of Mobile Technology for Atomization of auto Parking System

This project implements the parking system to make the prevailing system easier to use. In this system, the user can book a parking slot through an SMS. Once the user gets a password then he has got to enter the parking lot in order to get access to park the vehicle.

To solve the bugs in traditional systems, a replacement customer identification system using the ATM terminal is implemented by employing a fingerprint to supply the safety .

The sensor, like an accelerator, is used to detect the sudden change of gravitational force in the vehicle because of the accident, and then the micro controller switches the GSM . The reliability and stability of the system are often tested through the merchandise design in several conditions.

The implementation of this design is often done with the assistance of an FPGA kit like XUP Virtex 5 LX110T. The design of the filter will show the development in design time & efficiency.

Autonomous Farming Robot using WSN & IoT

Emerging technology like IoT (Internet of things) shows the upcoming of networking & computing. The best application of IoT based WSN is the monitoring of agriculture from a faraway area. The IoT based WSN faces many problems due to the drastic changes within the atmosphere.

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