What are the fundamental activities of a software process?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Software DevelopmentWhat are the fundamental activities of a software process?
Pam Cox asked 4 years ago
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Sumit answered 4 years ago

The fundamental activities of a software process are:

  • Specification
  • Design and Implementation
  • Validation
  • Evolution

Look up into the Automotive SPICE® .
A Free available Norm.
It is (one of the few [kind of well] written) Norms
Look into the Processes SWE.1 – SWE.6
That explains the most

Harshita sonker answered 2 years ago

The fundamental activity that are common to all software process are known as process activity generally these are four process activities 1 specification this activity is responsible for defining A the main functionalities of the software as per the customer requirements and expectations B construction on its operation 2 software design and implementation This activity is responsible for ensuring that A the design of the proposed software specification B programming as per the design 3 software verification and validation

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