6 Best Project Management Tools for Software Development

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Project Management Tools for Software Development

Whether you are a freelancer or an office worker managing your projects is important to keep your workflow in order. This is especially true when you work as a software developer. At some point your project might grow large and becomes hard to track all processes. It is more convenient you have a set of project management tools at hand as they can make your life easier.

Check the list below and choose the most suitable software for you.

Jira Software

Jira is one of the most straightforward and efficient programs for communication between project members, customers, partners, and coworkers. This tool includes numerous features that allow developers, HR representatives, outsourcers and other colleagues to keep in touch. One can create tasks, change statuses, send notifications/comments, upload files, edit boards, and more. All created boards are connected and work together as a single project. You can divide them any way you want and open access to specific users if needed.

Jira is easy to use although it provides a wide variety of instruments. It does not require any skills or experience to work with Jira.


Basecamp app is simple but functional. The members of your team, as well as clients and partners, can join through different boards to track and edit projects.

With the help of Basecamp users can create lists, share files, record the progress, discuss project-related issues, make schedules, change the status of the project and send notifications about the development. The best thing about Basecamp is its interface – it is simple, user-friendly and easy to learn. The program supports Google Drive and Dropbox (you will have to integrate them separately) as well.


GanttPRO is packed with amazing charts and visualization tools that can help you to keep everything organized. The program is perfect for development teams, freelancers, designers, writers, marketers, etc. Visualized timelines and templates allow users to create projects fast and efficiently. The app has a convenient and intuitive interface. Even if you have never used any tools for software development management, you will not have any problems using GanttPRO.

The planning tools include deadlines and progress tracking, current workload, tasks sharing and assignment, automatized scheduling, and more. GanttPRO uses cloud hosting and team members can enjoy access to the board at any time. HubSpot and NASA use GanttPRO for their projects because the program provides a high level of security.


Another project management tool focused on visualization is Trello. Your team will easily manage everyday projects with the help of convenient dashboards, adding new ideas, and tracking the progress.

Using Trello, you will create lists of tasks based on their priority, manage them on the board, share text and media files and build visual representations of your ideas to show them to your coworkers. In this software, boards are highly customizable.

Trello has a pack of data visualization tools; it handles massive data and keeps it organized. The app suits large teams perfectly.

Kovair ALM

Kovair ALM is perfect for development teams. It provides planning, time tracking, real-time reporting, and team collaboration capacities. With its help, each member of the team can view all phases of the software development process. Each developer can see the entire lifecycle of the project and get full information about it. Kovair ALM has several automatized features that reduce time and costs significantly.

Kovair is quite advanced since it allows you to code, test, plan, and design. Using this tool programmer can predict risks, eliminate them and fix mistakes.


Asana is one of the most powerful task managers for small software development teams. It is useful and allows workers to be aware of deadlines and current progress. With the help of this program; your team members will create tasks and easily divide them into sections and subtasks. You can add instructions, comments, deadlines, reminders, and templates for the workflows. Asana allows fast and convenient communication between users. Not only you can send messages and comments but also vote and click the “like” button. Asana allows integrations of other tools like Dropbox, GitHub, Chrome, Google Drive, and more.


Every software developer wants to keep the project organized being aware of all the aspects of the workflow is vital. Hence it is advisable to use task management tools that are more efficient and convenient than messengers and other communicational channels. The apps allow you to see the visualized projects and edit them whenever you need them. You can always reassign a task if you notice that one of your colleagues cannot deal with the assigned task. You can invite your customers and let them track the progress in real-time. In general, such apps make the workflow smooth and transparent. Choose the one that suits your project to enjoy order and organization!

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