Most Trending Software Development Technologies

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Software Development Technologies

As projected by IDC in 2020, the IT industry is earning about $4.8 trillion per year. The amount is increasing every year, so is the demand for software-related technologies.

Well, if you are planning for your career ahead in software development or looking forward to pursuing a professional career, you should narrow down your interests and think about which technology you can invest your time and money in.

The software development industry is changing at a staggering pace, and it is often challenging for beginners to cope with technological advancement. They often get lost in the tech innovations and technological trends.

Moreover, if you are running a business, there is a need to be updated with the latest technology in order to meet your customers’ expectations and compete in the market.

In order to keep track of your standings and technological development in this particular industry, you should be aware of what are the most trending technologies in software development. This article deals with the same list. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Cyber Security

So many business ventures started taking cybersecurity a bit less seriously. However, during the pandemic, the number of cyber-attacks increased a lot. Cybercriminals use various technologies to gain money, scam people and get access to sensitive information.

The annual cost of cybercrime is about $6 trillion yearly, and that is really huge. This makes cybersecurity the biggest thing when it comes to software development technologies. It has become essential for almost all businesses to have their data secured using AI and ML algorithms that can automatically detect any bug or scam.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not just limited to cybersecurity. It is among the biggest trends in recent times that can enhance a business completely. Businesses are using AI to automate their numerous tasks, which improves productivity, cuts costs, and enhances workflow.

Big  Data and Machine Learning are the two most important pillars that help Artificial Intelligence to perform its tasks without hurdles. ML optimizes data that can help make many decisions. Businesses are hiring AI experts to take their organizations to another level. It is not only about smart homes and smart office structures, as AI is the future of all the workflows in a particular firm.

Internet of Things – IoT

According to Gartner, 61% of enterprises are already leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) to a larger extent. IoT is already playing a great role in our daily lives and will be crucial in the future as well. From the automated transport industry to smart home appliances, many things are based on IoT.

There will be a time in the recent future when we will be surrounded by so many IoT sensors. Anything can be associated with IoT. It can be a gadget, a person, a vehicle, a robot, a computer, etc. All you need is to associate a unique identifier that can collect data.

Since IoT can cover almost everything, it is a point of interest for business persons and those who are pursuing IoT.

JavaScript and Python

Python and Javascript are the two dominant programming languages. Although they are not the latest ones, frequent evolution has kept them up to date and relevant for the developers.

Python is a versatile general-purpose language that can be crossed with other languages like C, C++, Java, etc. You can use it almost anywhere, and it will fit. It can be used to develop web applications, video games, and a variety of projects. Similarly, Javascript offers a lot in creating tools and frameworks for app development.

Native App Development

The world is moving towards perfection, and native app development offers exclusive development for a particular platform that can reduce the chances of errors and fluctuations. Android and IOs are perfect examples of native app development. Similarly, the demand for native apps can be increased in the medical and bankings sectors with a demand for flawless performance.

Progressive Web Apps

Since the usage of web applications and websites has a diverse nature in terms of devices, browsers and operating systems, it is a must to develop apps and websites that can be adjustable for all platforms. This is called progress web development. They are built in a way that their performance remains optimized for different platforms. The most important features of PWAs are,

  • Progressive
  • Responsive
  • Independent Of Connectivity

According to the research conducted by Dissertation Assistance UK, due to the increasing demand for progressive web apps, the respective developers will dominate in 2022.

Many more technologies to go for…

When it comes to software development technologies, the sky is the limit. There are a lot of opportunities in this industry for newcomers and business persons as well.

Programming languages like React, NodeJS, and Angular are known as powerhouses of web development. These languages are widely used in mobile app development and website development as well. Furthermore, cloud computing technology is another opportunity to grow yourself. Depending upon the demand of the user, cross-platform apps and hybrid development is creating great hype as well.

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