Latest Software Testing Trends

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Latest Software Testing Trends

2021 is certainly going to push the Information Technology industry to greater heights. Hence, the advancement in all engineering fields including software is sure to witness the change as well. Trends in Software Engineering including the software testing trends would be more advanced and accurate.

List of software testing trends in software engineering

Performance Engineering

There is an inseparable connection between business success and the software success of that business. To ensure optimum balance, businesses nowadays are following the trend of feedbacks and follow-ups to evaluate the performance of their software. This whole concept is based on the user-friendliness and user acceptance of the software. Thus, the focus is on usability by the consumers.

The performance of the software is assessed in terms of successful transactions within a specified time period, reduction in costs of software maintenance, anticipating and providing for bottlenecks that may arise in the future. The better the results of the performance assessment, the more efficient will be the software in the long run.


Efficient testers need not only to test the software once in the beginning in terms of smooth functionality; which is not the only important thing. Testing the software in terms of security, in terms of speed, in terms of performance also holds similar importance as functionality.

The DevOps technology facilitates such continuous testing mechanisms for the software at large scales. Most of the testing is usually executed mechanically, hence this technique is quicker and more accurate. Such a manner of Automated testing is more reliable and cost-efficient.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

About fifteen years down the timeline, words like artificial intelligence seemed to exist nowhere, even if the word existed its practical usage seemed to be a far cry from reality. But thanks to the high paced advancement in science and technology that we have now gained access to the benefits of wonders like AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Among other things, AI can also help in the field of software testing by breaking the monotony and tediousness of the tasks of testing.

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A bot is a program created by unique coding to substitute human intelligence. Such bots, when installed in the software, can supervise the efficient and error-free working of the software by checking for any changes in coding or suspect the presence of any malicious codes; called worms.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In simple words, the Internet of things means the mutual interconnectivity of all the things individually connected to the internet. I was at a seminar in school when I got introduced to the term IoT for the first time and I was totally unsure of its practical existence back then. Most of us were not. But fast-forward to the present, turn left or turn right we see the existence of IoT everywhere. So, can the field of software testing remain untouched by IoT?

The techniques of IoT enable software developers to collect vast information about the trade of the respective industry for which they are creating the software.

Digital Testing

This method executes specialized testing. The core focus may be either on the user experience, globalization of software or cross-browser testing. The spotlight can be shifted according to the needs of the testers. This method believes in building up the reputation of the organization by serving the consumers with efficient software which further helps to increase the consumer base.

Digitization comes with great ease and risks simultaneously. This method also works towards minimizing the security risks that come along with advancements in the digital world.

Testing Center Of Excellence (TCoE)

Everything becomes much easier when the procedures are standardized. So, this method of software testing by developing TCoE (Testing Center of Excellence) is a standardized way of error-proofing the software. This mechanism creates an effective combination of testing infrastructure and testing resources, together to produce a centralized system of software testing.

Members of large organizations prefer to establish TCoE these days to prevent any glitches in their software. The main objective of TCoE is to accelerate the growth of the organization by chopping off the risks associated with software innovations.

Integration of Manual and Mechanic Testing

We need the capability of personalized application of human intelligence, speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence. Hence, their amalgamation is of utmost importance. We need both efficient analyzers in humans as well as technical experts in terms of bots to complete the task of software testing.


Anything and everything related to technology is fast advancing in this world. If you are into software testing, you need to stay completely up to date with these trends and weigh the pros and cons of all of these techniques before putting them into practical use. Good software can make a consumer base while bad software can destroy a consumer base.

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