Kovair Update – September 2009

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The Santa Barbara Mission, founded in 1786.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I drove to Santa Barbara, California, a four and a half hour drive from the heart of Silicon Valley, for R&R. This was my first vacation this year – a great break with my wife to a place that I love so much. I’m sure that anyone who has been there loves it as well, and for those of you who have not made it to Santa Barbara, I highly recommend it.  Of all the places that I have visited in California, the Santa Barbara City Fathers (do I say “Mothers” also for equal rights to make this politically correct?) have done an excellent job of preserving the Spanish architectural beauty along State Street (Santa Barbara’s Downtown area) all the way to  the ocean front, as well as a few other streets running parallel and perpendicular to State Street. Spanish baked clay roofs, white stucco walls, arched entries and windows with wrought iron gates and beautiful balcony railings line State Street.  Throngs of tourists walking along the street with myriads of shops, restaurants with

Throngs of tourists walking along the street with myriads of shops, restaurants with variety of cuisines and side walk cafes that you can enjoy in the beautiful California weather close to the ocean.  A weekend art show along the ocean front is something to behold. In fact, we ended up purchasing two paintings and some black and white photographs of Tibet to add to our collection at home.  With that plug for Santa Barbara at no cost to the City, let me go back to my job of putting a plug for Kovair!

After briefly describing our ITSM solution in the Kovair Newsletter in July, I am pleased to share that we added a customer in the IT Service Management and Help Desk Management area during the last month from a mid-size IT Services Company which does business globally. This was a huge win after two weeks of hands-on evaluations against two major brand name companies in the business –  we are particularly happy with the outcome! We would like to mention the fact that besides ALM, Kovair can legitimately claim to have a very competitive IT Service Management Solution that can compete well with the top two or three players in the business.

Our Omnibus Integration continues to gain momentum with a published list on our website www.kovair.com/omnibus (scroll down to Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapters Chart) of all the third party tools adapters that we are going to offer off the shelf after this month and Dec 09 in addition to what is currently available.  Please review this list and you will notice that Kovair will be able to offer collaborative and integrated development environment both for Java and .Net developers in the market.  Our simple technology and ease of creating integration adapters, makes this a compelling story for any company wishing to pursue multi tools integrations in their ALM/SDLC as well as IT Service Management areas.

I’d like to encourage you to register and attend our webinar “Achieving Collaborative Development with Tools Integrations” on Sept 16 at 10:00am Pacific where we will show the Integration of four different tools – Requisite Pro for Requirements Management, HP QC for Testing, Perforce Source Code Management System and Sharepoint for Document Management.

Please visit www.kovair.com to register for the webinar as well as review past webinars that are recorded.  As a tool vendor we have no axe to grind about which point tools a group should use but the Kovair Enterprise Service Bus- the Omnibus with the capability to code bidirectional adapters to connect all tools to create a “Symphony” from disparate tools is not easily found from other vendors in the ALM and ITSM business! We will be glad to talk to you about making the API available to any of you for developing your own integration adapters!

With best wishes and until next time!

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Bipin Shah has been a veteran of Silicon Valley for over 3 decades and has worked both in the Semiconductor and Software domains. His software career started with Kovair where since early 2005 he has transformed the company into an Integrated ALM solutions provider and a leading provider of integrations for major third party development and other tools with Kovair’s trademark Omnibus Integration Platform.

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