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Honeywell is Kovair’s new customer as of June 2011, following the successful implementation of a pilot project that demonstrated the capabilities of Kovair’s Requirements Management solution and of Kovair Omnibus Integration Middleware for integrations with third-party tools. In addition, Kovair has implemented the Test Management solution at Honeywell.

As part of the project, Kovair created custom templates for capturing requirements, allowing business requirements to be entered with unique requirement tags. These business requirements would then link with the Design Elements and Test Design templates. Besides, a full-fledged process was created as per Honeywell’s requirements, involving the following teams:

  • Business Analysts
  • Stakeholders
  • Development team
  • QA team

The following features would be used extensively at Honeywell:

  • Traceability between functional requirements and business requirements.
  •  Versioning to view the version changes for a given requirement and for the SRS as a whole.
  • Capturing comments on business requirements and customer specifications.
  • Attachment of Visio documents, images and Excel sheets at both requirement and document levels.
  • Printing/exporting documents in Word, Excel or PDF formats.
  • Workflow management and event- based notifications.
  • Ability to set view & edit permissions on a requirement on the tool.
  • Automatic locking of a requirement during editing to prevent editing by more than one user at a time.
  • Publishing requirements on a web page.
  • Linking business requirements to a business process step or activity in a process.
  • Downloading requirements from the tool, working offline and re-uploading changes.
  • Performing Impact Analysis, enabling viewing the impact of a requirement change on other requirements / test cases that are linked to it.
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