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With technological advancements, many organizations bring changes to their internal software development processes and policies. Based on organization-wide changes, they often decide to move from an existing tool to a modern tool. This change of tool often gets driven by different reasons like

  • Rich functionalities of the modern tools resulting in better productivity
  • Tools consolidation at the organization level
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Security and other standard compliance

Along with the new tool, organizations spend significant dollars to migrate data from the existing tool to the new tool but despite this investment, based on the choice of the vendor, tool or in-house efforts migration exercises often fail.

Major Challenges of Data Migration

This decision of changing the tool brings with it multifaceted challenges of migrating data from the legacy tool to the new tool. Some of the major challenges which worry management while considering migration of data are:

  • Completion of the entire migration before the renewal of the existing tool
  • Conditional migration of projects & data within projects
  • Migration of attachments, comments and other formatted data from source to target
  • Migration of relationships along with the relationship types from source to target
  • Migration of data while users are still working on the source tools
  • Matching the process step of the records when getting migrated from source to target
  • Mapping the users as is from source to target
  • Mapping the date fields as is from source to target when they are not identical

Kovair QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync is a one-stop, cost-effective, wide-ranging data migration solution for any enterprise across industries. Kovair QuickSync is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and used. The requirement of minimal infrastructure for operation makes it a very cost-effective and efficient solution for the industry. It not only helps to migrate data from one source to one target but also helps to migrate data from one source to multiple targets. Its Instinctive UI makes it easily adoptable and adorable to the users.

Why Choose Kovair QuickSync for Data Migration?

QuickSync offers the following salient features that can cater to any business and technical challenges of migrations:

  • High data fidelity: Error rate of <.01% with overall migration of more than 10 million records based on Kovair’s performance data experience to date
  • Migrates everything: Ensures migration of attachments, comments, relationships with relationship names and history
  • Zero downtime: Migrates successfully without any downtime of source and target tools. Supports synchronization of data post-migration to facilitate the phase-wise rollout.
  • Highly scalable: Ensures migration of large volume of data within a minimum time through multiple setups of QuickSync across multiple hosts.
  • Robust reconciliation: For any kind of failure or connectivity problem, re-initiate migration from the point where it was left along with the re-execution of error items.
  • Transformation: Supports Transformation and Overriding of data during migration.
  • Data Validation: Automated data validation using Data Checker for post-migration validation.
  • Secured Migration: Supports SSL, TLS1.1 and TLS 1.2 enabled tools.
  • Real-time monitoring: Provides graphical reports to monitor migration health on an hourly, daily or monthly basis
  • Any scenario support: Supports migration of data from one single consolidated tool to multiple specialized tools or from multiple specialized tools to a single tool maintaining their links.
Secure and Error Free Data Migration with Zero Data Loss

Live Product Demo by our Experts

Data Migration from Microfocus ALM to Microsoft tools

Over the last few years, Kovair has witnessed organizations moving from Microfocus ALM to Microsoft TFS/Azure DevOps. Over and above the regular requirements of data migration, different organizations had different challenges and requirements related to the migration of data from Microfocus ALM to Azure DevOps such as:

  • Migration of folder hierarchy
  • Migration of record status as per the workflow of Azure DevOps
  • Migration of relationship name as is to Azure DevOps

Every such unique requirement of the organizations was successfully catered to by Kovair QuickSync.

Data Hierarchy between Microfocus ALM and Azure DevOps

Fig:  Data Hierarchy between Microfocus ALM and Azure DevOps

Data Migration from Multiple Tools to Single Tool

A US based multinational telecommunications conglomerate needed to decommission some of the legacy application like HP ALM, Rally, and JIRA and migrate key business processes and data for customer analytics from its legacy data platform to central IBM Jazz CLM platform. With more than 2000 application projects to be migrated within a short span of time and that also with zero downtime. This was a huge challenge for the organization. Kovair QuickSync successfully migrated the entire set of data within the given time without a single minute of downtime. While migrations occurred at night, engineers coming back to work in the morning had their tools in a state that they had left them at the end of the prior working day! This was one of the capabilities that made Kovair win that business.

Migration from Multiple Source to Single Target Tool

Fig: Migration from Multiple Source to Single Target Tool

Success of QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync has been trusted, used and appreciated by several Small, Medium and Fortune 500 companies globally. Kovair QuickSync has carried out large number of migration projects since its launch.


Customer Testimonials

“We had to migrate data from HP ALM 12.53 projects to ADO Azure DevOps SAAS. We tried with one vendor, but they failed to migrate the data. Kovair’s QuickSync and engineers came in and executed the entire migration project with extreme efficiency and did a flawless migration within the targeted timeline.”

– Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, Synovus.

“I was very impressed with the level of coordination, help and support provided by Kovair to make our migration a success.  We wanted to transfer a little over 10,000 objects from HP ALM to Microsoft Azure DevOps and this was accomplished in around 10 days.  Kovair very quickly provided access to expert resources to investigate and resolve them.”

– Ben Symons, Senior Test Analyst Applications and Development Digital Services IT, Queensland Corrective Services, Australia.

“Kovair’ s newly introduced QuickSync product is by far the most efficient solution for accurately migrating data structures into Microsoft TFS. We had to migrate data from 10 HP ALM projects to Microsoft TFS and tried several other methods without success. Kovair’s product was very effective for us, and their team was flexible to work within our schedule”

– Brad Ryba, Director, QA EDMC.


Over the last few years, Kovair has successfully catered to the migration needs of many Large, Medium and Small organizations spread across various industry verticals. One of the major reasons for appreciation is the capability of doing a flawless migration within the given time with high data fidelity and zero downtime. Over that period a 100% success rate of migrating data from Microfocus ALM to Microsoft tools, as well as other tools has made Kovair QuickSync the best choice for organizations who are in the process of changing their tools. Read about the success stories of Kovair QuickSync.

Contact: Info@kovair.com

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Aparajita Chowdhury, Solutions Engineer at Kovair has been part of Kovair for over 2 years and besides her other responsibilities has successfully handled multiple migration projects over the past year.

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