Kovair QuickSync – Data Migrations for Legacy Tools

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Kovair QuickSync - Data Migrations for Legacy Tools

We all know data migration is an important and risky procedure in which most of the companies usually avoid increasing further complications. Still, data migration is an inevitable procedure that companies cannot avoid for too long.

There are many issues involved like loss of data, not following the heretical structure of data migration, the occurrence of downtime while migrating, system up-gradation cost endurance and so on. Then, how to manage data migration from legacy tools?

Well, Kovair QuickSync can be the possible solution for all these above problems.

What is Kovair QuickSync?

Kovair Software has come up with a flexible, effective and easy to use solution Kovair QuickSync.

It is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and used. It requires minimum infrastructure and applicable for any enterprise across industries. It is adaptable with intuitive User Interface (UI) and has the flexibility to migrate data from a single source to a single target.

Features of Kovair QuickSync

Although there are many features some of them are:

  • Kovair QuickSync has a single-window interface for monitoring migration, the users can view the entire work in progress from a single interface conducting the migration process with a few mouse-clicks.
  • There is a provision for codeless configuration to map along with an intuitive UI.
  • It offers multiple parallel setups through which any project pair can be configured from any host along with bidirectional data migration.
  • It supports the reflow of flawed data.
  • The ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model is specially designed for the economic convenience of the based licensing.
  • Data Checker is used for automated data validation.
  • It can support migration and can retain the link between artifacts.

Having mentioned the above features of Kovair QuickSync let us now talk about the implementation of Kovair QuickSync in organizations for successful data migration and fulfilling their prerequisites.

Case studies of the execution of Kovair QuickSync

  1. Client’s requirements – This client was the world’s largest multinational telecommunication conglomerate headquartered in the USA, they required data migration for customer analytics from its legacy data platform to the central IBM Jazz CLM platform. They used legacy applications like HP ALM, Rally, and JIRA. Their main focus was to combine key business processes and data on a single data platform and leverage the platform, which closely aligns with their business requirements. The main objective of the client was to have a more available and inclusive view of its business data along with a 360-degree viewing ability for better management increasing productivity.

Kovair’s solution – The Kovair project team planned an all-inclusive operation road map that took care of multiple issues like cost estimation and milestones for the interface migration and technical analysis of the selected solutions. The first release consisted of data migration from the customer repositories – HP ALM to the new enterprise module. The team developed several small applications that could be operated on top of the enterprise module. The first release was developed and managed successfully by Kovair with the help of Kovair QuickSync resulted in flawless data migration execution.

Kovair QuickSync

Live data statistic representation – from Rally to IBM RTC and IBM RQM

  1. Client’s requirements – The next client was Emerson Electric Co. a Fortune 500 Company American multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. It manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. They used HP QC 9.2 to manage their Testing and QA activities. However, due to various internal factors, they decided to change. This meant a total migration of their existing accumulated data in HP QC 9.2 to Microsoft TFS 2015 where the QA activities would be performed henceforward. The organization wanted to reuse the invested data in Tests. With these criteria, the company approached us for a comprehensive and cost-effective migration solution.

Kovair’s solution -After understanding the nuances of the data structure of the client Kovair got the approval of migrating the use cases, Kovair executed its migration and Synchronization Solution Kovair QuickSync for the migration procedure.

Hence, the QuickSync tool was installed and configured in a server of the client’s organization. Since there was no requirement of code, hence the configuration was effortless with easy mouse clicks. The effort was mainly required for mapping the Artefacts, Projects and Fields between HP QC and TFS. Once done, the rest of the migration was a smooth automated process. Then the client did shakeout testing with multiple sample data sets in their staging environment and once satisfied with the testing result, Kovair went to production migration, which took care of the most complex challenge of migrating the contrasting data structure.

Kovair QuickSync


Kovair QuickSync has guided many organizations to move their valuable data from one tool to another without the usually associated complexities. It is easy to install and manage to provide an array of immediate benefits. If you are still wondering how to manage your data do read about the testimonials of our clients, and then move ahead with data migration. You will have one less thing to worry about for sure.

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