Kovair Partners with La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia

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My Recent Trip to Australia
(L-R): La Trobe University Professor Jack Singh and Kovair CEO Bipin Shah

Today we are going to talk about an interesting and non-profit event that is occurring in Kovair’s corporate life for the first time. During my visit to Australia in late April to establish corporate existence for Kovair for the Australasian markets, I had a meeting facilitated by the Victoria Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Research and Development –DIIRD with Prof Jack Singh in Melbourne. Dr. Singh is a Professor of Microtechnology/Nanoelectronics at La Trobe University near Melbourne and the Director of the Center for Technology Infusion attached to the University. At our meeting at the DIIRD office in Melbourne, when we were introduced we made instant connection and he gave us a presentation on the Technology center and the progress it has made in the two and a half years that he has been involved with it with industry partnerships. We agreed to meet again when he would visit the San Francisco Bay area in another month to visit U.C. Berkeley.

Prof Singh is a very unique individual who is a native of Fiji, educated in Fiji, the UK, Canada and did some post doctoral work in the US and now is settled in Australia at La Trobe with his own primary research focus on nanotechnology.

I presented to him during his Bay area visit all the capabilities that Kovair Global Lifecycle could deliver and proposed that he consider using Kovair Software for three possible areas. One is to use it as a software development management tool for classes in software development at La Trobe. Second, is to use it as an Applications Development Platform for undergraduate or graduate students doing special or research projects for their applications development needs. Third, is to offer it to the startup companies in his Technology Center where they are incubated at no cost for their development and IT tools needs.

I am happy to report that Prof Singh and the University have agreed in principle to take up Kovair’s offer and are working on the details of the formal MOU to execute on this offer from Kovair. Kovair is pleased to do this for the first time in its corporate history and oddly enough start it in Australia – more than 10,000 miles away from its home in California!

Now that we have done this in Melbourne Australia, we are glad to consider other universities and particularly some of the great ones in California close to our home at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, San Jose State University, University of Santa Clara and U.C. Santa Cruz. Sometimes good ideas come to you when you are far away from home is how I look at this development for Kovair!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and wish us success at La Trobe and other University programs to follow!

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