Kovair Participates in the Online PMXPO by ProjectManagement.com

On Thursday May 20, Kovair participated in the on line expo organized by Project Management.com Publications www.projectmanagement.com/  which they brand as PMXPO for Project Management Professionals. Several on line Expos are being organized by many media companies such as CM Crossroads www.CMCrossroads.com (where we have participated in the ALM Expo), Tech Target and others that are drawing attendees in the thousands.

This one had more than 9,000 registrations and over 4,600 attendees. Kovair had about 20% of the total attendees come to our booth. This is a very efficient and cost effective way to organize Trade Shows where one attends a virtual booth on line and conducts an on line chat with the booth attendants and watches videos or demos for the products and down loads pertinent literature and papers of one’s interest. Kovair had more than 500 downloads of various white papers, case studies and product data sheets from our booth and even though it may sound self serving, I felt after reviewing at least five other companies’ booths, that we had a very rich collection of literature and relevant information at our booth. Our new white paper on the subject “Integrated Project Management by Kovair” was the most popular for the download activity. Considering that most of the attendees were Project Management Professionals – PMP, this was expected!

In this new White Paper, besides going into some of the key basics of the entire subject of good Project Management Practices, Kovair outlined some of the new features we have recently added in the Kovair ALM-SDLC Lifecycle product such as Resource Management and What If Analysis for looking at various options for allocating Resources or Requirements for Product Releases. It also discusses the capabilities attained by its seamless integration with Microsoft Project Management and all of Kovair’s Reporting and Dashboard capabilities. I should add that Kovair already offers built-in capabilities for Time and Task Management in the current product and thus it is easy to create Gant and Pert Charts.

For further reading please visit www.Kovair.com and click the “Downloads” tab to retrieve this white paper – “Integrated Project Management by Kovair”. This can serve as a low-cost way of acquiring a fairly adequate PPM tool instead of investing in a full-fledged one! Our Product Research tells us that most companies that own PPM tools from some of the well known vendors do not really use the available capabilities and as such this offering from Kovair probably is worth looking into.

For those of you who did not attend the PMPXPO, it is available in recorded form from Ganthead site by visiting https://engage.vevent.com/forward.jsp?id=210&eid=560

Please feel free to provide any feedback and as always thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

Kovair Software, Inc. a Silicon Valley based software Product Company specializing in the domain of adapters/connectors for ALM/SDLC tools and Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions. The India office is located at Sector V Kolkata, the IT hub for eastern India. Our objective is to connect all the processes ranging from Requirements Elicitation to Design & Development to Delivery & Deployment and make the entire ALM/Software Development Lifecycle better, faster and more efficient. IT and Software teams use Kovair products to foster collaboration, automate workflow and improve product quality - ensuring successful delivery. Our business products are of B2B type and cater to the software development industry across various verticals – BFSI, Manufacturing, Networking, Telecom, Defense, IT Consulting and more.

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