Kovair Omnibus Platform Connects ServiceNow with Azure DevOps

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Kovair Omnibus



snowServiceNow is a popular tool used by several organizations for Incidents Management. It is widely trusted for its customizable features, analytics and other salient features. The strategic approach of IT management which is known as ITSM is one of the most popular solutions of ServiceNow, where it deals with entities like Incidents, Change Requests and Problems.

 Azure DevOps:

azuredevopsThe Azure platform is generally utilized in the Software Development process and trusted widely for planning, integration and development. Azure DevOps influences the application lifecycle through its planning, development, delivery, and operational phases. However, the problem arises when it comes to team collaboration and time management.


One of the major solutions of ServiceNow is Incident and change request management for the end-users, which can be easily resolved through quick fixes by development teams. However, it has been observed that a considerable amount of time is wasted when it comes to manual communication. From an end user’s perspective, it is quite frustrating when the process for any item takes too long to complete execution. This happens due to manual data processing in the developer instance. This also gives rise to a chance of misinterpreting and duplicating the artifact.

Teams from different departments spend an immense amount of time, managing incidents in two different tools. Keeping stakeholders up to date with every chat, email, comment and attachment is a tedious and error-prone task. The fact is different tools use different workflows for each entity and it’s challenging to maintain data integrity in real-time which causes a longer time to market. Moreover, Comments and Attachments are added from 3rd party portals or emails and are very cumbersome to manage.

Kovair Omnibus is a one-stop solution catering to all your integration woes. Omnibus provides an enterprise Integration platform and brings IT and development functions together to achieve larger goals for an organization and helps in achieving high ROI from integrated functional tools.

Kovair Omnibus:

Kovair Omnibus

Highlights of Kovair Omnibus are:

  • Bidirectionally synchronization
  • Cross tool Workflow mapping
  • Synchronization of embedded images, attachments and comments
  • Real-time monitoring of data synchronization.
  • OSLC-based integration between IBM Jazz tools like RRC, RTC, RQM and non-OSLC tools like QC, JIRA, TFS and SharePoint.


The goal of integrating Azure DevOps and ServiceNow is to help end-users escalate helpdesk tickets, Change Requests, incidents to internal engineering teams and ease the follow-up process and increase team collaboration in a real-time manner. With Omnibus in place, the solution will achieve visibility beyond the teams. From an organizational perspective, the delivery process will become seamless and a lot more efficient with a good flow of value.

Kovair Omnibus

How Omnibus helps Organizations achieve effortless synchronization

  • Bidirectional Synchronization among different tools; the information flows in real-time without getting duplicated or delayed.
  • Omnibus helps the teams collaborate from different platforms like Emails, Live Feeds, and service portals with embedded images and attachments.
  • Omnibus offers mapping of workflows
  • With the granular level of field mapping, you can map the date synchronization and also run the Conflicts in ServiceNow which is one of the unique functionalities of Omnibus.
  • Sync Back support will help the teams acknowledge the target tool IDs and URLs of Azure to the end-users.
  • In the case of a standard change request with some pre-defined templates with values in it, Omnibus will help provision sync back of those values in the source tool too.

Business Benefits Achieved Using Kovair Omnibus:

Avoid Plugins:  Many tools are going to offer you multiple plugins for integration, but it fails to map the granular level of fields as well as it’s hard to manage thousands of employees with it.

Support for all Versions:  With Omnibus, you will be able to hook any version of the tool with it. With API changing, you won’t be losing your compatibility in integration. For frequent changes made by ServiceNow without change of APIs, Omnibus Adapter generally supports those changes and Kovair verifies these changes with thorough testing prior to releasing the Adapter for the new version.

No Coding Required: With Omnibus, you don’t need to write a single line of code, as this is an out-of-the-box solution. With Mouse click configurability, Omnibus offers plug and play mechanism.

Kovair Omnibus


As we know, delivering end-user tickets to the developer instance in real-time, along with features like team collaboration, synchronizing embedded images, managing workflows, live feeds are quite challenging in the IT industry.

Therefore, integrating with Omnibus will remove all such challenges and also offer out-of-the-box functionalities like bidirectional synchronization, sync back, support for attachment and comments, transformation and end-to-end Traceability. Along with that, you can have live Synchronization Statistics which will help the stakeholders to get deep insights about the ongoing Projects.

Kovair Omnibus

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Anshu Sinha is Solution Engineer -Solution & Services at Kovair software. She is responsible for Customer interaction, Capturing requirements, and providing solutions out of Kovair ALM, Omnibus, Quick Sync and has around 3 years of experience in solution designing

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