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Kovair ALM and PPL

Kovair has been a long-standing provider of development tools to the software industry from its corporate base in the heart of Silicon Valley, the High-Tech capital of the industry.

In this very brief write-up, we will highlight the key aspects of ALM – Applications Life Cycle Management and PPM – Portfolio Project Management.

ALM basically deals with the entire aspect of developing, delivering, and managing changes to software applications including all the process and governance aspects of performing these functions from managing requirements, coding, testing, storing, and controlling the code and releasing it to the users and managing issues and changes after the release. It has also been known as SDLC – Software Development Lifecycle. However, SDLC can be described as a subset of ALM now as ALM includes functions beyond just the development of software. So, simply put, ALM deals with all the technical aspects of developing and managing software applications.

Kovair ALM

PPM – Portfolio and Project Management on the other hand deals with all the non-technical aspects of software or any other development or delivery undertaking with respect to their management. Kovair PPM can manage an entire portfolio of business for a company or department and then subdivide that into programs and further down into individual projects. These management functions include planning, reviewing and approval of those plans (or orders from customers), determining resources and allocating them to the projects, tracking and managing their utilization and collecting the costs, managing schedules through Gant and PERT Charts or other tools and managing budgets and actuals and delivery schedules both from a macro and micro levels. These are carried out through proper reports and dashboards from real-time data in the PPM Solution.

Bipin A. Shah
Chairman, CEO Kovair Software

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Bipin Shah has been a veteran of Silicon Valley for over 3 decades and has worked both in the Semiconductor and Software domains. His software career started with Kovair where since early 2005 he has transformed the company into an Integrated ALM solutions provider and a leading provider of integrations for major third party development and other tools with Kovair’s trademark Omnibus Integration Platform.

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