How Kovair GitHub Integration Adapter Helps in Continuous Integration?

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Kovair GitHub Integration Adapter
The world of software development has undergone a sea-change in the ways they operate. The need for faster-time-to-market, frequent releases, new feature implementation has led to discovery and adoption of new project management methodologies and emerging ALM tools. CI/CD i.e. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have become an integral part of software development environment ensuring stable release processes where project milestones are met. And in addition to simply performing compilation tasks, CI systems can be extended to execute unit testing, functional testing, UI testing, and many other tasks within CI/CD deployment pipeline. The release of Kovair adapter for a popular SCM tool, GitHub presents a simple cost effective solution CI/CD solution.

The Kovair Omnibus ecosystem allows integration with various other best of breed tools like JIRA for defect management, Jenkins for build automation etc. with centralized orchestration being managed by the Kovair Omnibus platform. Thus, with GitHub integration in place one can link any chosen defects in JIRA defect management tool with GitHub issues. Every commit and file information is tracked to have a 360 degree view of the development cycle.

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform supports both synchronization and federation of data. So for all issue fixes the platform users can use this functionality to expose the federated link for each of the file versions and file version histories that are being created by the developers and uploaded into GitHub repository. The users can view the details of the file and the actual code through the exposed federated link from within their own tool’s environment, that are connected to the same Omnibus Platform through their corresponding integration adapters.

With the power of Kovair intelligent DevOps for flexible deployment options and multiple integrations, any organization can enjoy the best aspects of working with GitHub without compromising on the features and business needs. Integration between GitHub Enterprise and Kovair Omnibus ecosystem allows one to customize development environment. From tracking issues to streamlining deployment, one can extend GitHub integration to help the development team work more efficiently across the entire development process.

Thus, using Kovair GitHub Adapter for GitHub and Kovair Omnibus platform extends IT team’s capacity for implementing Continuous Integration easily.

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