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Kovair DevOps

Almost ten years back Patrick Debois an IT consultant from Belgium coined the term ‘DevOps’.  It started as an attempt to implement the idea for lean thinking to bridge the gap among two teams in software production, development and operations. That is how DevOps came into existence, it is a practice that ensures coordination between two teams in silos. With DevOps in practice, there is more testing and more deliveries. The process gets automated and saves production time, reduces time to market and increases the ROI.

DevOps has been around for some time now and the future seems to be quite promising. Companies are streamlining their workflow for better synchronization, scalability, production and faster delivery. Numerous organizations from various sectors such as entertainment, banking, healthcare, insurance and hospitality are adopting this practice for long-term success. Market research done on the DevOps market in 2019 revealed that the DevOps market will reach a value of US$ 10.5 Billion by 2024 (source), recording a CAGR of about 20% during 2019-2024.

Following this trend, Kovair has come up with a DevOps solution for the emerging DevOps market aimed at enhanced IT competence for the customers.

What is Kovair DevOps?

It is a single cross-platform and cross-database solution that automates the delivery process. It offers complete visibility of every stage of the release process with synchronization of software releases, pipelines, across multiple environments. It is a clear choice over Multimodal Development Environment. With DevOps, you can choose your own tools to integrate!

Kovair DevOps works on four levels starting from the development to staging to production to deployment. It provides end to end release orchestration building, managing and monitoring release pipelines. The real-time analytics with intelligent reporting through dashboards and real-time reports help to gain complete visibility and clarity of releases. It creates automated deployment through continuous testing with automation tools and deploys across multiple environments.

Features of Kovair DevOps

Kovair DevOps comes with an array of features for seamless DevOps experience, some of the key features are:

  • Supports rich platform experience – It supports both Windows and Linux operating systems and multiple databases like MariaDB, MYSQL, SQL Server and Oracle. It has a simple User Interface (UI) with a listing Manual Task for logged in users and easy search and filter through the application for unrestrained navigation experience.
  • Easy to install – Kovair DevOps is Docker enabled, has easily downloadable installer support. It supports cloud-based installation as well.
  • Flexible tasked based pipeline – Kovair DevOps provides configurable (both sequential and parallel) pipelines that are task-based and can be configured for both automation and manual activities. The pipelines can be cloned, archived, managed and executed through emails. The pipelines can be evoked from Kovair ALM and other 3rd party applications. The most interesting feature is; one pipeline can be triggered by another pipeline.
  • Controlled access – It has multi-level access like login-based access to the platform, project access by groups and group-based access to the pipeline, it makes Kovair DevOps an apt choice for large enterprise.
  • Comprehensive release management – It delivers multi-dimensional flexible release management which has release based pipeline management. It has a release calendar and an overtime release indicator to track releases. It can provide multiple release support within a project.
  • Analytical reports at multiple stages – Complete analysis of release, build and deployment represented through reports and dashboards. Group based accessibility to dashboards for clarity and communication along with the access of different configurable reports from Kovair ALM.

Business benefits of Kovair DevOps

There are numerous benefits of executing Kovair DevOps to get ROI, some of them are listed below:

  • No need to change your existing tools to get started, Kovair DevOps can implement end-to-end Continuous Delivery process breaking all silos by integrating all your existing tools.
  • Accelerate your build and deployment processes by planning, creating and managing through Kovair task-based release pipelines automating the process of code check-in to delivery.
  • You can automate the testing process for faster and continuous testing with different test automation tools to support different types of testing like Functional, Integration, System, Load, API and Security and get test results manually approved before production deployment. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and cost.
  • Be more organized and streamline your work performing deployment across multiple environments and platforms from a single pipeline.
  • Measure the success of your DevOps implementation through real-time reports and dashboards. The continuous assessment analyzes trends and manage releases more efficiently to ensure delivery value stream and drive business ROI with complete visibility of all releases.


Kovair DevOps is not just a tool for any one component of DevOps like CP, CI, CD, CT & Continuous Deployment but is a holistic package that ensures a smooth and successful DevOps journey for an organization. Along with the integration of ~100 best of breed tools through Kovair Omnibus, Kovair DevOps also offers enterprise-class mouse click configurable workflow for orchestration, central database for all the data and analytics, and collaborative platform for near real-time collaboration.

Come and explore the world of Kovair DevOps for a hassle-free fully automated business solution for your enterprise. The DevOps solution from Kovair not only delivers a set of tools but helps to build a streamlined work culture for faster delivery and customer satisfaction.

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