Kovair at the IBM Innovate Show, June 2012

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We just returned from the IBM Rational Innovate Conference in Orlando, Florida June 3-7, 2012. This is the largest gathering of IBM Rational Tools users, vendors, partners and thought leaders. It is a premier event for the software and systems world drawing over 3000 attendees globally. Kovair, one of the conference sponsors, showcased its industry- leading Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform.

Bipin Shah with a Senior IBM Rational Staff Member
Kovair CEO Bipin Shah discussing a question with a Senior IBM Rational Staff Member

A good number of attendees visited our booth with many of them looking for innovative solutions in connecting ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools to set up an integrated tools ecosystem. Most of them are using Best-of-Breed tools from multiple vendors having almost zero or no connectivity between them. We talked to one group who are using IBM RTC (Rational Team Concert) and HP Quality Center; another group using Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server), Enterprise Architect from SparxSystems and IBM RQM (Rational Quality Manager). All of them are struggling to connect these disconnected silos and looking for a one-stop integration solution that can break the barriers between these silos achieving complete transparency, end-to-end visibility, efficient collaboration and consolidated reporting. Over the years, they have invested a significant amount of time and money in these tools and want to get more value out of these investments through effective and simple integration between them.

Kovair was able to show them how Kovair Omnibus Integration will provide a simple and flexible solution for connecting tools in a heterogeneous tools environment. Kovair Omnibus is built on a message bus based architecture with better reliability, configurability, security and maintainability requiring less number of connectors compared to point-to-point custom coded integration architecture. Attendees were pleasantly surprised to discover the possibilities with Kovair Omnibus and excited to see it in action.

Another major focus at the Conference was OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) – a W3C based linked data integration model is natively supported by IBM Rational tools like RTC, RRC and RQM. Kovair is an OSLC community member. Kovair has developed an OSLC Provider around its Omnibus Integration Platform enabling several tools from multiple vendors like HP, Microsoft, IBM and Open Source to be connected through OSLC linking. Kovair was one of the sponsors of the OSLC Hospitality Event on June 5th where OSLC community members gathered for a party. There were a number of OSLC sessions in this conference where Kovair Omnibus Integration with OSLC was mentioned and its contribution to the OSLC community was recognized. Kovair is working closely with the OSLC group to bring in support for more and more ALM and PLM tools. Please check the link https://open-services.net/software/ to find out the specifications and tools currently supported by Kovair.

If you find yourselves in the shoes of the IBM Innovate 2012 conference attendees, please contact us at Sales@Kovair.com. Why wait and settle with broken disconnected tool silos taking chances for your success when you can control that by connecting individual silos through a central integration platform like the Kovair Omnibus?

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Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software products company specializing in the domain of Software Product Development tools and solutions and supports global software development and management through Value Stream Management Platforms – VSMP. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed ALM and various other tools such as PLM, PPM, ERP, CAD, CRM, ITSM, Test Management and other Applications enables the creation of products in a synchronized tools environment through its Omnibus Integration Platform. Now with its recent addition of DevOps and DevSecOps capabilities, it has a full offering of product development tools in multiple domains enabling high quality product development and digital transformation for corporations. Kovair’s flagship products Omnibus Integration Platform, Kovair DevOps and DevSecOps, Kovair ALM, PPM and QuickSync, are highly preferred solutions for some of the major corporations globally.

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