Kovair and nSolutions Partner to Enhance ITSM CMDB Automation

Kovair Software,Inc, and nSolutions Inc, of San Jose, California today announced a partnership for enhancing ITSM CMDB automation with nSolutions NOVA product line. This integrated product will provide customers automation of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) compatible IT Service Management with the Kovair ALM Studio with real-time visibility and control of the IT infrastructure through NOVA.

ITSM automation is the key to cutting operational costs and increasing business service availability. Kovair’s ITSM solutions help standardize workflow to increase operational efficiency and enable end-to-end service delivery based on best practice guidelines of ITIL v3. Integration with NOVA, through Kovair’s Omnibus Integration Middleware, will allow customers to create a real-time repository of their network attached assets, distributed over multiple geographic locations and across multiple organizations and have full visibility and reporting with Kovair’s ITSM Studio Product with its global access capabilities.

“The NOVA integration will make Kovair ITSM Studio a very complete product that can compete with any ITIL v3 compliant product in the market today, where many customers are looking for a shift from some of the legacy solutions for newer technology as well as significant cost reductions both for On-Premise as well as SaaS implementations,” said Bipin Shah, CEO & Chairman of Kovair.

Increasingly, enterprises depend upon IT infrastructure operations to enable the delivery of business services with high availability. The Configuration Management Data Base -CMDB is a key component of the ITIL v3 best practices. Current approaches to create the CMDB are static and largely manual. The result is a failure to update the data consistently. Automation is the only way to provide visibility and control of the infrastructure. The NOVA real- time repository integrated with Kovair ITSM Data provides automation and control for an effortless and consistent approach to managing change with an operational CMDB.

“We are pleased to partner with Kovair to enhance ITSM automation. By integrating Kovair’s ITSM Studio with NOVA’s Operational CMDB as the trusted source of resource configuration data, enterprises can transform the IT operations from a reactive management to a proactive control of the operations and policy enforcement,” said Harish Rao, CEO of nSolutions Inc. “Businesses benefit from higher consistency of operations, higher availability of business services and improved security and compliance,” he added.

Kovair Software, Inc. a Silicon Valley based software Product Company specializing in the domain of adapters/connectors for ALM/SDLC tools and Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions. The India office is located at Sector V Kolkata, the IT hub for eastern India. Our objective is to connect all the processes ranging from Requirements Elicitation to Design & Development to Delivery & Deployment and make the entire ALM/Software Development Lifecycle better, faster and more efficient. IT and Software teams use Kovair products to foster collaboration, automate workflow and improve product quality - ensuring successful delivery. Our business products are of B2B type and cater to the software development industry across various verticals – BFSI, Manufacturing, Networking, Telecom, Defense, IT Consulting and more.

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