Key Differences between Cyber Health Check and a Cyber Security Audit

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Cyber Security Audit

Do you know that, on average, a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds? And that around 2,200 cyber attacks occur per day. 

In the US alone, cybercrimes will cost $8 trillion by 2023. These attacks happen because we miss the malicious intent on time. However, two things can help a cyber health check and a security audit. 

What is a Cyber Health Check and Cyber Security Audit?

A cyber health check generally evaluates an organization’s overall cybersecurity system. It’s more like a snapshot providing information regarding cybersecurity practices and defenses.

On the other hand, a cyber security audit is a more systematic analysis of the cybersecurity controls. It looks into the technical infrastructure and policies of an organization. 

Scope and focus of Cyber Health Check and Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Health Check Cyber Security Audit 
Focuses on the general overview of cybersecurity practicesFocuses on in-depth evaluation of the cybersecurity controls. 
Identifies general areas that require improvement. Provides you with a comprehensive assessment that needs improvement 
Doesn’t provide you with an in-depth analysis. Scrutinises every single detail, even the technical aspects.
Keeps you updated regarding the cybersecurity vulnerabilitiesProvides you with a thorough evaluation of the compliance of regulatory measures.

Timing and frequency 

Every organization requires regular security assessments to keep the hackers at bay; for that matter, a cyber health check comes in handy along with a reliable VPN that provides a hide my IP feature. Once you change your IP address, you can check what’s your IP address manually. A cyber health check is carried out quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 

It is usually conducted periodically. 

This frequency depends on the needs of the organization and even its size. For those organizations where cyber security is of utmost importance, it is suggested to carry out quarterly cyber health checks. 

This way, they can stay vigilant regarding the ongoing threats and act before something tragic happens. 

On the other hand, cyber security audits are not conducted as frequently as health checks. It’s because audits are exhaustive, and the assessments are also resource-intensive. 

Since audits are comprehensive and include various steps like detailed analysis, documentation review, and even thorough testing of security controls, they prefer to be done only sometimes.

Most audits are carried out on an annual basis. However, some companies prefer cyber security audits twice a year. 

Level of detail 

Regarding the level of detail, a cyber health check is like a snapshot of the organization’s cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses. It covers everything broadly and doesn’t dwell more profoundly into the details. 

It’s a short report that explains the main points of a particular event but doesn’t cover the intricate details. 

With the help of a cyber health check, you can figure out the problems and solutions of cyber security vulnerabilities on a general level. However, you won’t be able to figure out the technical details of the organization’s system. 

In contrast, a cyber security audit gives you an in-depth analysis of the cybersecurity controls, procedures, and even technical infrastructure. It involves the meticulous review of every detail regarding cyber security and doesn’t leave anything out. 

Audits are far more authentic than a health check. With the help of an audit, you can verify whether your company’s policies or measures are in place or are being neglected. 

Plus, because of their details regarding the cybersecurity system, compliance, processes, and policies, you can take a step towards establishing best security practices. 


Talking about reporting, a cyber health check provides a general overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s cybersecurity system. As said earlier, it’s a snapshot ideal for the stakeholders to go through quickly and realize what’s missing regarding their company’s security system. 

On the other hand, a cyber security audit provides a detail-oriented report that covers as many topics as possible. The report covers almost everything from recommendations to findings, from a detailed assessment of cybersecurity controls to an in-depth review of the policies and practices. 

With this report’s help, you can learn about the compliance status, areas of improvement, and whatnot. 

Who conducts Cyber Health Checks and Cyber Security Audit 

The IT teams within the organization usually conduct a cyber health check. You can also go for third-party cyber security consultants if you want to. It all depends on how you want to do it and how many resources you have. 

On the other hand, a cyber security audit is always conducted by a third-party auditor that’s independent of the organization. Because of their independent nature, such auditors bring objectivity and a bulk of experience. 

That’s why the evaluation report is always impartial and covers every possible aspect regarding the compliance of the industry’s standards and regulations. 

Regulatory requirements

Cyber Health Checks are usually conducted voluntarily by the companies to keep themselves updated about cybersecurity vulnerabilities and other details. It’s not a compulsion. 

The information gathered through a health check is useful as it keeps the members updated about cyber concerns and areas of improvement. 

On the other hand, a cyber security audit is conducted primarily to check the compliance requirements. Every organization has cybersecurity regulations and standards, and their adherence is compulsory. These audits are designed to ensure that these regulations are practiced practically and properly. 

Have your strategy to be safe in place

In short, both the cyber health check and cyber security audit are useful when figuring out the functioning and vulnerabilities of a cyber security system. The choice between both depends on the organization’s needs and resources. 

A cyber health check is the best option if you want a general overview of how your cyber security system handles everything. However, you must opt for a cyber security audit if you’re more into in-depth analysis.

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