Kovair DevOps Platform for Implementing End-to-End Continuous Delivery Process

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Kovair DevOps Platform

San Ramon California, February 19, 2020: Kovair Software, one of the leaders in software tools integrations, today announced the release of the Kovair DevOps Platform. The enterprise-class automation solution helps to reduce time to market and implement DevOps with end-to-end automation of the build-test-deploy cycle. It also provides comprehensive workflow orchestration for better, faster and more accurate software development.

The Kovair DevOps Platform provides enterprises with the CI/CD functionality necessary to deploy applications to any platform at any scale. It delivers task-based pipeline for orchestration of release activities, build & deployment automation functions and real-time analytics that are designed to meet the unique needs of implementing continuous delivery, helping companies manage applications deployed in the heterogeneous environments like on premise or cloud.

Critical capabilities include:

  • Creation, orchestration, and management of complex software release pipelines, deployment processes, and configurations through the task-based configurable pipeline.
  • Email-based management of defined pipelines allowing users to start, stop or obtain the live status of a pipeline from their emails.
  • Execution of both automated and manual tasks, on-demand, as part of the DevOps pipeline flow.
  • Execution of custom commands managing dependency between custom applications, system commands and microservices across the complete Continuous Delivery pipeline.
  • Execution of Tasks on any host removing the dependency of having every tool in one single server.
  • In-depth visibility into release pipeline and progress across all environments for all teams in a real-time manner through pre-defined reports and dashboards.
  • Deployments across multiple environments – cloud, VMs, containers, and traditional environments having any operating systems.
  • Initial Set of Plug-Ins offered by Kovair with this launch covers tools from both the Open source community as well as commercial vendors as mentioned below.
MS BuildAnsibleGithubSonarQube

“Enterprise DevOps is a form of rapid software delivery bringing momentum to agility and helping organizations to reduce time to market with built-in quality. It is centered around the concept of continuous delivery pipeline achieved through automation of different activities involved in the delivery cycle. With this launch, Kovair will now start offering a full Enterprise DevOps workflow to its prospects and customers, so stay updated with our regular updates on Kovair DevOps.” Stated Mr. Bipin Shah Chairman and CEO of Kovair Software.

Kovair’s CTO Akshay Sharma added “Building on Kovair’s leadership in Concurrent Multi-Modal IT solutions, leapfrogging the siloed Bi-Modal IT offerings of legacy vendors, now Kovair leads again, with Holistic Creation, Orchestration and Management of DevOps-based systems from a common platform. Kovair’s new DevOps Platform is pre-integrated with its award-winning iPaaS-based Omnibus, allowing for Hybrid Multi-Cloud development, with integrated operational analytics.”

Please get the full details of the Kovair DevOps offering in a short form Product Brochure.

About Kovair:

Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software products company specializing in the domain of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions and supports global software development and management. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed ALM tools enables the creation of applications in a synchronized tools environment through its Omnibus Integration Platform. Now with its introduction of DevOps capabilities, it has a full offering of software development tools in multiple domains.

Kovair’s flagship products Omnibus Integration Platform, ALM Studio, QuickSync and PPM are highly preferred solutions by some of the major corporations globally.

Please contact sales@kovair.com for an immediate demonstration of this capability

Press Contacts, Kovair:

  • Akshay Sharma, CTO Kovair Software. Email: akshaysharma@kovair.com
  • Amit Dasgupta, Director – Major Accounts Management and Partnerships. Email: amitd@kovair.com

Press Release

Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software product company specializing in the domain of Integrated software tools and its solutions support global product development and management. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed software tools and other applications with its Omnibus Integration Platform enables creation of high business value proposition in a synchronized tools environment for product development and enhancement of digitalization for enterprises. Kovair’s flagship products the Omnibus Integration Platform, Kovair ALM with its Task based Workflow, Kovair PPM, Kovair DevOps, Data Lake and QuickSync for legacy data migration are highly preferred solutions by some of the major corporations globally.

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