Kovair Integrated Test Management Framework at “Step-In-Summit 2014: Testing Now”

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Dear Friends of Kovair:

Kovair participated in the “STEP-IN SUMMIT 2014: Testing NowConference and Show at Bangalore, India June 26 to 27, 2014 with a presence of five of us. There were exciting guest speakers at this year’s summit. The focus of this summit was mainly on the current trends of testing within the emerging world of DevOps, Mobile, Big Data, and Agile. Different methodologies testing like acceptance testing, exploratory testing were discussed along with how the role of today’s testers is changing.

Kovair Gold Sponsor at STeP-IN SUMMIT

At the conference, we noticed that one of the biggest pains in today’s entire delivery lifecycle is the lack of having an integrated test environment, where testers won’t need to work in silos or maintain things in offline mediums like MS Excel and can work in a collaborative manner with other cross-functional team members. Disparate technologies, developers, and deployment topologies have made today’s development environment even more challenging.

Bipin Shah at STeP-IN SUMMIT

We are happy that we could present our Integrated ALM solution as a fit to this burning problem. Bipin Shah, our CEO & Chairman gave a brief presentation to discuss the Integrated Test Management Framework offering from Kovair.

Kovair with its integration with 110+ multi-vendor ALM including Test and IT tools comprising of legacy, open source, and best-of-the breed enterprise class tools facilitates the developers and testers adopting a new testing strategy so that they can successfully manage change and deliver excellent quality. Kovair has developed a very light-weight but functionally-rich built-in Test Management capability which supports both manual and automated testing. Kovair’s Integrated ALM Framework helps organizations to achieve automation for all phases of the lifecycle from Conception to Development to Testing to Build and Deployment, thus facilitating today’s philosophy of Continuous Delivery.

Today, the demands of developing   bug free and well-performing product in short time frames have changed the entire model of delivery. Agility and the approach towards DevOps are the key aspects of software delivery model. Unlike the testing methodology that was followed in waterfall model, today, testing is introduced much earlier in the lifecycle. The testers are no more confined to work in silos and are becoming an integral part of the entire lifecycle.

Kovair has developed the solution of integrated ALM to help in effectively managing the entire lifecycle process. With Kovair, all cross functional teams can work in a collaborative manner without replacing any of their existing tools. Management can track the software quality through real-time reports generated out of data coming from different tools used for both manual and automated testing. Kovair with its Omnibus integration engine also bridges the gap between operations and development teams, thus helps organizations in adopting DevOps methodology.

We had a great conference with attendees showing considerable interest on our integrated platform that helps in creating a very synchronized and unified product delivery environment for globally distributed teams and facilitates real time collaboration, significant productivity and quality gains. We continue to pursue our goal to enhance your development environment without asking you to replace your existing tool set.

Thanks for your time to read this!


Amit Dasgupta

Director, Product Development

For accessing our PPT presentation at the Summit, please click on the following link: www.slideshare.net/Kovair/kovair-at-qsit-summit-presentation

To learn more about Integrated Test Management Framework offering from Kovair, download this document – Kovair Test Management : An Overview

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