Increase Productivity Through Project Management Tools During COVID-19

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From last December the world is facing a huge crisis which is becoming bigger day by day. What then started as a crisis in China became a world crisis in no time.

We are facing a pandemic caused by a contagious coronavirus COVID-19.

The world has come to a grinding halt hitting the world economy hard. The rippling effect of this widespread pandemic has resulted in total lockdown for most of the countries. Some countries have become the epicenters for this disease as well.

Let’s check out the current global condition of this pandemic to date.

Global condition during COVID-19 pandemic

According to WHO, there are 213 countries and territories have been affected by COVID-19 a total of 2 356 414 confirmed cases worldwide and 160 120 death cases which is increasing daily; the mortality rate is 3.4% of COVID-19. Since the virus is highly contagious the spread of infection is way too great.

In this trying time, the biggest his came upon managing the work as industries have closed, people are requested, at times forced to stay at home and follow lockdown. However, the good news is we have an adaptable solution at hand, the Information Technology system.

Some scenarios after lockdown and their solutions applied through IT management.

  • Education system – There has been a huge shift in the education system, schools and higher education institutions have started taking online classes with video conferencing systems with the latest technology and apps like zoom, Google, RingCentral, Comcast and many more. They are offering affordable packages at times free video conferencing for educators.
  • Pandemic tracker – IT has invaded the healthcare system long back, but this crisis had forced to make health tracker, test tracker for data gathering and coordination as never before. Countries worldwide are gearing up to find various ways to coordinate and ease out a huge sampling of the healthcare data during this time. IT has inevitably helped in maintaining that.
  • Online shopping – the demand for online shopping from medicines, food, to groceries has increased ten-fold helping people to continue their daily requirements and life sources.
  • Work from home – The most interesting change has been the shift in work patterns. previously the IT sector was giving the employees the leverage to work from home, but due to the closing down of the physical offices, other sectors are changing their mode of work and have been incorporating the work from home system as well.
  • Digitization – There has been a sudden surge in the digitization of using No one can work in seclusion hence collaboration and cross-cloud space for mobility and availability of data, internet use has been on rising and companies are depending on electronic media like never before. The biggest reason for being lockdown.

How project management tools can help

Project management tools can help in a lot of ways to enhance productivity. Companies who were planning to invest in IT infrastructures a few months back has now being compelled to think over as a necessity now. During these uncertain times, remote working is the only preferable solution to continue thriving.

3 vital points to sail through this crisis with Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools

  1. The clarity in communication and collaborative efforts – the best solution to start working with project management tools is to communicate clearly, help in understanding the assigned tasks to each team member and make sure all the team members are virtually connected and are accessible to each other. Hence collaboration and cross-team communication is the key to success.
  2. Centralization of data – right now data is the most important aspect for any company so data consolidation and centralizing data in an accessible repository can solve several problems. Kovair Enterprise PPM can centralize data and make work from home much coordinated during this crisis. The project managers are responsible for the distribution of work and management of daily work schedule
  3. Skilled monitoring – Proper monitoring of work, data processing is essential for the successful conduction of remote work from home. An efficient PPM system can save a company from huge losses at this time, providing timely real-time reporting for better ROI.


These are trying times when most of our predictable world is jeopardized by a pandemic. We all are all fighting unitedly, many software application production companies, service providers have geared up to extend their help in this difficult time. companies like Microsoft, Kaspersky, Adobe, Atlassian have provided free trial versions, extended their license, or have provided free cloud space to ease the challenges faced by so many companies.

With cooperation and coordination, we are sure to win this war and out of this chaotic condition, we might find innovative ways to move ahead armed with IT as an essential infrastructure and utilize its various tools.

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