The Importance of Data Migration and the Role of Kovair QuickSync

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The Importance of Data Migration and The Role of Kovair QuickSync

Why data migration is important?

Accurate data is the staple that maximizes the worth of enterprise applications. It is the backbone of an organization. There are times when due to various reasons organizations do data transfer. The reasons may vary from expansion, up-gradation, incorporating IT enabled solutions, change of digital platforms and servers or changing global locations. Hence migration of data is an important and risky process for any organization going through the transitional phase. Whatever the reason is the process is not easy, it requires time, strategy, and is quite cost enduring.

A few things to keep in mind while performing a data transfer:

  • Check the feasibility, business benefits, approval and cost involved in the migration process.
  • As the data transfer plan gets approved, do a data sorting and prioritizing, clean up the data to be transferred.
  • Do keep a data backup, for data might get lost or corrupted during or post-transfer.
  • Check the legacy source and the target and their compatibility for the transfer.
  • Select the most appropriate tool for the specific migration process, this is an important step that determines the quality and success of the transfer.
  • Verify the data security, expected downtime along with the capability of the tool.
  • Do a post-transfer sanity test in real-time to ensure secure, and complete data transfer.

What is kovair QuickSync?

Keeping in mind the essential objectives and challenges of data migration; Kovair has come up with a one-stop solution for secured, cost-effective, wide range data migration known as Kovair QuickSync. It is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and used. It requires minimum infrastructure and applicable for any enterprise across industries. It is adaptable with intuitive User Interface (UI) and has the flexibility to migrate data from a single source to a single target.

Features and business benefits of Kovair QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync comes with an array of features and benefits, some of the main features are:


  • Codeless configuration for mapping with an intuitive UI.
  • It has a single-window interface for monitoring migration, users can view the entire work in progress from a single interface conducting the migration process with a few mouse-clicks.
  • It offers multiple parallel setups through which any project pair can be configured from any host along with bidirectional data migration.

Business benefits

  • It does not need any prior investment as it has transaction-based licensing that is designed to support the ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model.
  • Easy tool installation and quick initial setup make it a cost-effective tool, it can be installed in the existing server and does not require investment in intensive training.
  • It reduces manual effort of data validation during migration; monitors migrated data and migration status automatically reducing the overall migration cost.
Secure and Error Free Data Migration with Zero Data Loss

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The role of Kovair QuickSync in data migration and data security

Kovair QuickSync plays an important role in revolutionizing data migration with minimum downtime and complications. Using Kovair QuickSync will give you one less thing to worry about during data migration. It accelerates the migration process covering everything from pre to post-migration, data security, downtime and configuration. Some of its capabilities are listed below.

  • Supports multiple tools migration from a single source – it can migrate data from one source to multiple target tools based on the artifact type, e.g. from an ALM like Micro Focus ALM Kovair QuickSync can migrate Requirements to RDNG, Tests to RQM and Defects to RTC.
  • Supports multiple databases – It gives the choice to select a database based on the volume of data to be migrated. You can select from SQL Lite, MySQL or MS SQL Server and Oracle depending on the volume of data migration.
  • Supports migration from one or multiple hosts – In large organizations, migration of multiple projects with high data volume is often required that the migration runs from multiple hosts scaling the entire process horizontally. Kovair QuickSync offers the option for a single host or multiple hosts environment depending on the data volume to be migrated accelerating the overall process.
  • Supports migration of data and links – Kovair QuickSync migrates traceability links existing between the migrated artifacts. These links can be direct tool links, Http links or OSLC links; it also offers the same support during synchronization.
  • Supports migration for rich data – Kovair QuickSync gives extended support for rich text data (if supported by target tool) in terms of system and custom attributes for each of the exposed entities, comments, and attachments of individual records as well as the traceability relationship between them.
  • Supports side by side comparison for easy data validation – Kovair QuickSync provides a single consolidated interface through which the source data and the corresponding migrated record in the target is displayed side-by-side in a tabular format. This enables a quick comparison of the source records with the migrated ones; if required there are options for deep drilled down a comparison of the record pairs at field level.
  • Supports automated data validation through data checker – It can configure a job that would run asynchronously to auto validate the migrated or synched data between the source and the target tools. It is performed based on the field mapping definition configured in the Kovair QuickSync tool acting as a data checker. It also compares the count of attachments per record between the source and the target.
  • Supports metrics for monitoring – It provides various graphical reports for on-screen monitoring giving reports of data migration or synchronization in hours, days or months.
  • Supports validation reports post-transfer – it provides validation reports after the migration process, this not only helps to get a sanity check but also confirms an all-inclusive migration along with calculated defects and rectifications.


As the world is getting digitally connected, data migration has always been a cause of concern for organizations across all sectors. Not many dared to venture into data migration having understood the challenges it posed. However, Kovair QuickSync is a perfect solution for fast and secured data migration fit for any type of organization. Its numerous features and benefits make it an obvious choice to experience a hassle-free secured data migration.

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