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We, as an integration vendor, get the chance to be in touch with many software development organizations frequently. We have seen that majority of the organizations use Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) as their collaboration platform for automated software delivery and HP Quality Center (HP QC) as a Test Management tool. Bridging the gap between Development and Testing activities is a major challenge for them. It has been noticed that the demand of interoperability between Microsoft TFS and HP Quality Center has gone up over last few quarters. This means organizations want the Developers and Testers to work more closely and eliminate communication gaps.

Kovair Omnibus platform provides seamless migration of HP QC artifacts (Requirements, Bugs, Test Cases, Attachments, History along with relationships among them) to TFS. The solution can also be tailored to fit in any specific scenario.

Kovair Omnibus solution for HP QC and Microsoft TFS can be useful for the following three distinct scenarios.

  1. Scenario #1: Engineering Team uses TFS, but the Testing Team uses HP QC & is not ready to switch over to any other tool for Bugs, Requirements, and Test Case management.2-way Sync
  2. Scenario #2: Engineering Team uses TFS; on the other hand, the Testing Team splits across HP QC and TFS. This is typical scenario for big enterprises where migration cannot take place overnight and both the tools have to co-exist forever or during the transition period.2-way Sync2
  3. Scenario #3: Engineering Team is using TFS; and the Testing Team is using HP QC but looking for ways to move to TFS overnight; they want to use Quick Test Professional (QTP) for automation scripts as well.1-way migration

Here is what you can achieve from HP QC and TFS integration:

  • Unified TFS repository for all ALM assets (Requirements, Project Management, Development, Test, Build etc.)
  • Full collaboration between Engineering Team and Testing Team
  • Centralized reporting from TFS
  • Easy and fluent collaboration and integration
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Exclusive features that you can get by using Kovair Omnibus for HP QC and TFS integration:

  • Complete support for “Call 2 Tests”
  • HP QC Requirements Folder Structure tracking and mapping to TFS Field Area Path
  • Map HP QC Releases & Cycles to TFS Iterations
  • Migration of HP QC Design Steps with parameters and Default value
  • Synchronize Requirements, Defects, Test, Steps and Test Scripts
  • Update either tool data in your customized workflow
  • Support History data, RTF Fields and Attachments

Working Scenario of Microsoft TFS and HP QC Integration:

Kovair Omnibus integration platform includes TFS Adapter and HP QC Adapter. Together, with the adapters and Omnibus platform, it allows users to establish links among resources. Once the tools are connected through Kovair Omnibus, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Business Analysts can upload Requirements in HP QC which can be migrated to TFS Defects automatically.
  • The engineering team can still use TFS as their central repository tool.
  • The testing Team can stick to HP QC for Test cases and Test Scripts.
  • Project Managers can view total traceability from Requirement to Test Case to Defects.

Let’s take a deeper look into the integrated environment.

HP Quality Center serves as the central repository for Requirements, Test Cases and Defects.  Developers using TFS get access to Test Cases and Defects while reviewing and fixing Defects. Developers can work within their IDE and get the details of Requirements from TFS which is already in sync with HP QC.

With the updated set of Requirements and Defects in the TFS, developers no longer need to spend time switching between their IDE and HP QC to and fro repeatedly to find the appropriate Requirements. They can save a significant amount of time by integrating the tools. Similarly, testers can view the latest status of all Defects and test them accordingly without moving out of HP QC. Finally, the project manager can see the status of the requirements, corresponding coverage and the test results.

Thus, the real-life value of the tools like HP Quality Center and Microsoft TFS can be increased significantly when both of them work in sync. Kovair Omnibus enables organizations to achieve this. You can download white papers and watch recorded webinars to know more about Kovair Omnibus.

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