How will the World of Applications Progress in the Next Decade?

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The world of technology is ever-changing and ever-growing. Amidst a record of over 7.1 billion people worldwide using mobile apps in 2021, it’s not difficult to see how quickly such rapid improvements in technology and software development have occurred.

Experts say that we will undergo more technological development in the next ten years than we have ever experienced in the last hundred. But such greatness can also lead to downfall as the wrong people acquire more power.

An instance of this is the recent influx of cyber attacks on businesses, which is why companies should think about their data security.

Understanding and adapting to these changes can help you avoid the potential effects that may happen as a result, as well as take advantage of this shifting landscape.

So, let’s check out what the future of app development is likely to be and what trends will primarily impact our immediate tomorrow.

Where are mobile applications headed?

Billions of people use mobile phones all over the world, but why is that? The obvious answer is the cheap price, portability, easy-to-use software, and practical use that smartphones offer.

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As more people have begun using them, more minds have gotten to work. For instance, devising innovative tech for the future of shopping. But from a much broader perspective, these applications and technologies can change the world as we know, so let’s see what they are:

1.     5G Technology

The 5th Generation of Wireless Technology or 5G, at max speed, is 100 times faster than the current 4G, which will have a tremendous impact on all sorts of applications.

The far-greater network connections fueled by 5G and IoT will beneficially affect healthcare, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and various other industries and increase the global economy in trillions.

2.     Advanced Security Apps

With cyber-attacks on small and large businesses at an all-time high, the need for effective cyber security defenses has grown excessively.

Cybersecurity practices like cloud storage and data protection are expected to implement new operating methods like trust architecture.

Some protection services and companies like such data security apps providers come with various features to combat the crisis of cyberattacks.

3.     Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Both VR and AR technology is in the process of tackling how to implement themselves in the everyday lives of people, and its future is looking very promising, exciting too.

Most recently, VR and AR have become extremely popular in the video game industry. These technologies could be used for online classes, training programs, GPS navigators, and live events, like meetings and concerts.

4.     AI Machine Learning

AI has the potential to answer problems that have bewildered past generations for their entire lives. AI technology could even automate an overwhelming majority of tasks and processes in the next few decades.

But other than automation, as next-generation AI becomes more intelligent, companies will use the technology to search for effective marketing strategies.

5.     Digital Cash Wallets

About 2 billion new users have started using digital mobile wallets to transfer cash and make payments in the last two years, and that alone is enough to mark it as a mobile application trend.

Various industries are likely to use this service on a larger scale soon. Unlike cash or bank cards, digital wallets remove the need for any physical material to define some money, making it a safer option.

Predicted Rise of Some Future Trends

Now that we’ve seen what kind of apps have soared through the charts in recent years and are expected to fly even higher in the future, we can predict and estimate what sorts of systems and concepts to look forward to in the following decade.

1.     Cross-Platform Compatibility

Most businesses have begun to recognize the benefits of a multiple-platform approach to their system infrastructure.

Since it’s a single app devised to work on all platforms, it is much easier to manage than having numerous apps. It would also require only one source code to run on all of the media simultaneously.

Cross-platform technology can become a massive aspect for future business. It has already proven itself to aid in cost reduction, easier reachability to a larger audience, and quicker development than traditional software.

2.     Swift Programming Language

Swift is an intuitive and capable programming language. It combines some of the most common programming languages like C and Objective-C for iOS.

Swift is predicted to have a massive impact on the future of app development. It is widely known for its high development speeds and cost-efficient app development, and Swift also has some unique features that most other language apps do not use.

Swift programming is accompanied by a sandbox-type feature named Interactive Playground, allowing programmers to change code without fixing errors. Swift provides efficient memory management and allows the developer to directly influence the language to create software.

3.     Automated Software Processing

We’ve touched on this subject in the AI section, but it deserves its own category because the future is both automated and intelligent.

As in the past, automated technology is no longer limited to only completing repetitive tasks, and it has significantly increased workforce capabilities in various industries, even banking. It can improve productivity, security, cost savings and create higher quality products and services.

The future of Virtualization and process automation shows a lot of promise. Along with it, it will also bring more focus to AI and SDLC automation.

4.     Advancements in Bio-Tech

From back when DNA was first discovered in the human body in 1869 to now, where it has radically changed the way we breed crops and protect plant biodiversity, we’ve made substantial biological breakthroughs that we thought were never possible.

Launched with the aid of modern technology and AI, the up-and-coming revolution of biotechnology looks astonishing and promises personally modified medicine, gene-based therapy, and diet guidance.


Let’s just say for certain that the future is absolutely not going to be boring. However, it does raise many questions as to where our place in the world lies with such an automated and self-serving future.

In most cases, If you’re thinking about creating an app, you’ll need a software development model and a reliable company to develop the software for you.

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