How to Choose the Right Dedicated Software Development Team

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Table of content

  • What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?
  • Why Hire a Dedicated Software Talent?
  • How and Where can you Find a Dedicated Development Team?
  • What are the Things you Must Look for in a Dedicated Team?
  • Conclusion

When any organization is looking for a software development team that can work on its project and come up with the best solution that can grab users’ attention, hiring an outsourcing team is the best option. By going with the dedicated development team model companies can get the best software solution at lower development rates and can gain access to a team of professionals who can help the organization in taking its project to a next level. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to understand everything about the dedicated software development model and how you can choose the right dedicated team for your company.

What is a dedicated software development team?

A dedicated software development team only works on a particular project that it is hired for. The team mainly focuses on delivering the best quality product on time. Any business or company that hires a dedicated team to get robust software can get a wide range of technology specialists. Besides, you can get full transparency of the development process and have real-time communication with the team.

Why hire a dedicated software talent?

Here are some of the points that prove that hiring a dedicated development team is the best choice to do –

1.   Transparent Management

As we know that the dedicated team works remotely, but being a hiring company you will have to manage all the activities and must have time to control all the tasks. There should be daily engagements through various communication systems.

2.   Cost-Effectiveness

When you hire an in-house team, it is quite expensive as there are various costs that you might have to take care of. Therefore, the trend of hiring dedicated teams came into the picture as it saves a lot of money that goes behind hiring an in-house team and outsourcing vendor costs much lesser.

3.   No Hiring Required

Hiring an offshore team doesn’t require a big process. Therefore, many companies opt for outsourcing a dedicated team that comes with the best talent and work hours flexibility. Besides, when it comes to hiring a dedicated development team, you get the chance to shortlist the developers that can suit the best for your company’s project.

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4.   Committed Team

The dedicated team members are the ones that will only concentrate on your business vision and mission. They work effortlessly to ensure that your company reaches the expected heights with the new product.

How and where can you find a dedicated development team?

Finding and hiring a dedicated team of software developers is a bit challenging but is one of the best options if you don’t want your in-house team to get busy with the new tasks and want to save a lot of money by not hiring an entire team of in-house developers. To hire an offshore development team, all you need to do is go through a few company listing sites like Clutch or GoodFirms. Besides this, you can also check out freelancing workplaces or B2B portals. Another way to find the best-dedicated team is to like other business partners if they have heard of any company that offers dedicated developers or has worked with them.

What are the things you must look for in a dedicated team?

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind while hiring a dedicated team –

1.   Skills and Experience

After you make a list of potential offshore vendors who provide dedicated teams, you would want to evaluate them with their past experience and skills. This can help you hire the best team available in the market. Here are some of the things, you can lookout –

  • Portfolio: You can ask the vendors to provide you the work portfolio of their team members and from that, you can find out the type of projects the team is capable of handling.
  • Experience: If you are hiring a team to outsource a complex project, then knowing the team’s work experience and their capability to handle different types of projects is a must.
  • Communicational Skills: Whichever dedicated development company you choose as your vendor, the most important thing to learn about it is whether the team it provides has great communication skills or not. The reason behind this is that if communication between you and the dedicated team is not good then the project might not turn out as expected.

2.   Flexibility in Software Development

Though the development process is decided at the initial stage there are chances of it getting changed as the development goes on. Therefore, you must look for a dedicated team that is comfortable with handling changes at any time during the development process. They must be flexible with suggestions coming their way.

3.   Transparency with Offshore Team

Being the hiring company, you will want your dedicated team to keep you updated with the project’s progress level and any issues that come while they work on the product. You won’t want the team to tell you everything at the time of submission as there are chances that you won’t like the end product. Therefore, if you are kept in the loop of the development process you can easily suggest changes where needed and this can give you the best output before the deadline.

4.   Business Project Development Costs

Before hiring dedicated software development teams, talking about the development cost and being transparent about the budget is very important. Because development is something that might turn out to be very costly if you don’t put a strict budget on it before it starts. Therefore, your team must be aware of your budget and they must consider aspects like delivery timeline, product quality, and support accordingly.

5.   Contract

After negotiating the development coast and finalizing it, one must sign the contracts to be on a safer side. Some of these contacts are –

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Statement of Work
  • Masters Services Agreement


As seen in this blog, hiring the right dedicated team is any task to do and it is the best option for any organization that wants to get an amazing solution for their business. A dedicated team can provide a flexible and transparent development process which makes this model the best in the development world.

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