How to Build a Cloud-based SaaS Application in 5 Steps?

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Cloud-based SaaS Application

We can divide Cloud computing into three important categories, i.e., Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS, Platform as a Service – PaaS, Software as a Service – SaaS. All these three Cloud-based software services reduce the additional requirements of the hardware and prevent you from doing other related expenses.

Software as a Service (SaaS) can be called a new Cloud-enabled software model; it is made to enrich the sales team. SaaS-based applications are 180-degrees different from traditional software. This is the reason why the entire software industry has started using SaaS web applications. Not only this, but SaaS plays an important role in the development, delivery, and pricing.

Today, SaaS is the world’s most popular technology. As more and more such SaaS Cloud applications are growing in the industry for usages, the businesses are adapting it super-fast to make good use. As a result, businesses and organizations are becoming experts in creating their Cloud-based SaaS solutions.

If you want to learn the same, then today in this article we have a guide for you to build a cloud-based SaaS application. Let us get started.

What is SaaS?

Organizations that use traditional software mostly require to install & execute it in each computer or business device. However, this is not the case with SaaS!

SaaS is a Cloud-based platform, easy to access by simple download and login, and is a per monthly payment model.

In SaaS application development, different costs model, business exercise, and efficient way are the competitive factors that must be used and transitioned in a better way.

At present, there are several SaaS web application development services providers in the USA, that guarantee to give you the best SaaS software, cloud-based applications, and strong security.

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How to build a Cloud-based SaaS solution?

To make SaaS a more effective source in your business you must learn to create cloud-enabled software. But, for this, you need to have basic developer skills and must understand to use the SaaS application monitoring.

In this article, we are going to make you learn all the required steps that are important in creating a successful cloud-based SaaS platform. Every step described below is placed in this guide after consulting with the top SaaS development companies of the USA. Therefore, you must understand every step clearly without any problem.

Let us start now and make one best SaaS application for the business purpose.

Steps to build a Cloud-based SaaS solution

Step 1 – Select a programming language

Though it appears that SaaS application development is simple, most of the SaaS application developers get confused. And their main confusion is about the use of technology and programming languages. To build a SaaS application you must learn Python, Java, .net/C#, and PHP languages effectively. These are popular and highly used languages.

Every application development framework solves specific problems while the programming languages solve the development problems. To make a cloud-based SaaS application, you must be technically sound and must understand your business requirements.

I would recommend you to give priority to that framework and languages that are capable to suit the needs of your businesses. Also, I suggest you create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to solve all the development-related problems. It is the best approach to create SaaS applications.

Step 2 – Choose a managed database

We must have a better & functional database that can easily oppose the traditional relational databases. While building a SaaS application, every instance in the database is independent of the other instances in the database.

Therefore, this technique easily allows you to reduce the size of the database substantially. On the other hand, it gives a better and richer programming experience.

For many cloud-based SaaS companies in the USA, the selection of databases is very important.

Step 3 – Make good use of a queuing system

Any normal SaaS web application easily uses an asynchronous communication protocol, where the sender & receiver do not need to communicate at the same time.

The web applications that are made by SaaS run differently at different times and communicate asynchronously with the third-party software.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) execute the web pages to assist in developing a high-speed performing cloud-based SaaS solution. In addition to this, EC2 installation, server installation, and other resources are easy.

Web Storage S3 is also available as a highly scalable storage device. It is easy to access, simple to use, storage is easy and data derivation is also simple.

Step 4 – Content delivery network

The simplest arrangement in any distributed server is that they help in serving content to the users from different locations to a different location in a high-availability and performance environment. This would be good for the SaaS web application development.

Step 5 – You can integrate WordPress, SaaS & Cloud

WordPress is the best single site solution that has everything which a user requires to easily extend the SaaS functionalities. And integration with WordPress increases the SaaS cloud-based applications’ roles, plans, capabilities, functions, and subscription-based payment models. Also, WordPress adds more security to the application.

While making a Cloud-based SaaS application, always take care of below three things because they can hamper the process if any SaaS application development company.

  • Data security issues.
  • Security breach issues.
  • Applications’ lack of integration.


All the Cloud-based mobile apps and software platform development today happens in the same way as the SaaS application is powered. SaaS support Cloud, Cloud backs the SaaS.

A few top examples the SaaS applications are CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Business Software suites, other business monitoring applications on mobile devices. You can also make such business software or mobile application for your usage following the practices involved in creating Cloud-based SaaS platforms.

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