How Software Development will Change the Automotive Industry

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Software Development Will Change the Automotive Industry

In today’s era, the race of technology is penetrating every single segment of the market. Initially, some brands of the automotive industry used to give tough competition in the market, but only a few survived. Even now we can see some of the old players dominating the market but there’s something new to the table. Yes, it is technology.

As time passed, we came across technology even in our day-to-day lives. According to a survey conducted by AAA foundation, an average American spends an hour behind the wheels driving their cars. So, the automotive manufacturers started to implement the right type of features in their cars and relevant software solutions in the pre-production phase. This allowed staying updated in the fierce competition along with top-notch quality.

Even in the current times, there is a lot where we can find the instances that prove that reliable software solution is the way forward. Even if we take a look at the new-gen manufacturers like Tesla Motors, we can witness the integration of seamless technology and software within the car. It is different from the regular connected car features but it takes the game to an all-new level with autonomous driving. So, we can’t run away from the fact that both the manufacturers and the users need the support of software solutions to stay relevant in the times.

Benefits of Software to Automotive Manufacturers

When we talk about the automotive sector, every player starts from the small component manufacturer to the end unit manufacturer. So, including a software solution can help in streamlining the complete cycle of the manufacturing. All have dependencies on one another and ascertaining every phase’s status can help in scheduling everything in an optimum way. The factors may include dispatching the orders, finding the shortages, percentage of completion, and whatnot.

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So, let’s discuss the benefits below:

  • Mobility as a Service – From time to time consumer behavior keeps on changing. In earlier times people used to own a car but later some of this share reduced. Thanks to the cabs and taxis. Now again this trend is shaping differently as mobility as a service is coming in. According to a report of Wire, 43% of people have considered mobility as a service as an option to their drive-through.So, to keep a track of the vehicles, their health including service intervals and other parameters, a robust software solution can play a huge role. Not only automotive manufacturers but even third-party players have started their businesses with the support of software in the segment of mobility as a service.
  • Finding Chokepoints – Software is something that can give your business a third eye. We humans may miss some of the scopes of improvement in the business. For instance what if there’s an error in the assembly line and we are not able to find it? There will be no way we can optimize it if we won’t be able to find it in the first place.So, software solutions can help you see your business from a dynamic perspective. This is a factor that can keep a brand different and relevant in the market. This software can act as a boon and help you stay relevant in the eyes of the business.
  • Staying Updated With Time – Taking a look back at the time, we used to run cars that used to pollute the environment to a huge extent. Now it has changed and governments regularly bring in new norms regarding the engines and catalytic converter. Brands that stay organized with the implementation of software can bet on a safe landing after these norms.There are examples in the market that show how some of the brands have died when they had to shift towards to meet the new norms. With the integration of software solutions, companies can stay updated with the batches of older lots and the new ones too. Also, they can create a strategy that can help them stay future-proof for a long time.


The automotive industry needs to have an upper hand to survive and stay relevant in the competition. Every year new norms come into play that may have a great impact on the running businesses. So, it is a good practice to buy software from a javascript web development company that can develop custom software for your brand. You can have features that are specifically made to cater to your desired needs.

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