How Senior Management Can Track Product Releases Using Kovair Dashboards

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Track Product Releases
A dashboard is a user interface that provides a consolidated view of  multiple items on a single screen. It is an effective tool for real-time information tracking and can be really useful for a CIO, a Business Manager, or an Executive.  Dashboard displays easy-to-monitor information and indicates where action needs to be taken.  It provides a glimpse of the progress of product releases and shows how a company performs.

Wouldn’t it be great to gather and display all this important information from an ALM solution across different artifacts of a project in an efficient and simple manner?

Kovair ALM Solution offers a dashboard feature that is fully configurable and is capable of being designed per user needs by adding suitable gadgets. For example, in Kovair, you can add Column 3D to create a dashboard for the CTO as well as  add tabular reports for the QA Manager.

The major benefits one can achieve by using the Kovair dashboards are:

  • 100% customization as per management needs
  • Viewing real-time data continually
  • Viewing consolidated data across different entities
  • Ability to  drilldown on the details of the data in real time
  • Effective sharing of information across stakeholders
  • Better decision-making process

Kovair allows creation of dashboards using various types of gadgets including Catalog, Gantt charts and Reports. Any number of gadgets can be included in a dashboard with an option to place the gadgets across multiple columns and rows.

Gadget Types available in Kovair

Fig: Gadget types available in Kovair

 Senior IT managers need to contend with a variety of different software development projects that are running simultaneously in their organization. Therefore, metrics required for the ALM dashboard must span across all the phases of an application lifecycle – starting from requirements gathering to design, development, testing and maintenance according to their importance and relevance.

Kovair allows managers to review the progress of the team and get answers for the following queries:

  •  Is the team on the right track?
  • Is the team likely to finish the iteration on time?
  •  Will the team be able to complete the planned work based on the current burn rate?

Kovair ALM Dashboard

 Fig: Kovair ALM Dashboard

Similarly, the Build dashboard can answer a set of common queries such as-

  • How much code is currently being tested?
  • How much code is being changed every day?
  • Is the quality of the builds improving?

The Defects dashboard can highlight on the followings –

  • The actual status and the trend of software defects
  • The test progress, test coverage and test success
  • Distribution of the critical defects over the module

An Agile Dashboard can help the Project Manager to track the team progress towards completing iterations.

The dashboard displays data that helps to monitor the following:

  • Product Backlogs
  • Task Burn down
  • Product Release Burn Up
  • Project Progress Schedule
  • Team Performance 

Kovair Agile Dashboard

 Fig: Kovair Agile Dashboard

 In an ITSM Dashboard, the processing of incidents, problems, change requests can be analyzed and displayed graphically.

The Incident manager can then look for improvements based on the severity of the open incidents and incidents that have breached the SLA.

Kovair ITSM Dasboard

Fig: Kovair ITSM Dashboard

The diagrams and the charts that you see in the dashboards are not just images. When clicked on a particular area of the image, it displays the detailed drilldown data.

Thus, in Kovair, you can view, edit, clone, and delete dashboards according to your needs. While all users are entitled to view dashboards, only those users who have the authority to ‘Override’ are allowed to modify the existing dashboards.

One can achieve all the goals of viewing real time reports, dashboards and detailed drilldown data across all the integrated ALM tools by implementing Kovair ALM – the Application Lifecycle Management Solution. This helps in decision-making processes and increases ROI.

If you have any specific questions about reports or dashboards, feel free to contact us.

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Sourav Pramanik is the Manager - Solutions and Servcies at Kovair Software. He has been associated with Kovair for more than 5 years. He is responsible for solution design, configuration and delivery for major customers in ALM and Omnibus Integrations.

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