How Platform Integrations Make Teams More Productive

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One of the ways Jira makes an excellent project management tool, is the integration capabilities. That means teams that also use certain applications or platforms for things like coding (Git) or communication (Slack) can make the communication of changes and the tracking of bugs seamless.

Here are a few ways it pays to integrate Jira with other solutions.

Tracking and assigning issues is simple, notifications are easy.

When users link Jira with other communication platforms, they are able to track and assign issues on Jira but ensure the proper team members get notified across platforms, whether its email, Slack, or other communication tools. This gives team members multiple ways to track which issues are assigned to them and alerts them to changes and updates even if they aren’t on Jira.

Collaboration is enhanced

Since the resolution of issues in Jira may involve many steps (including recognizing, reporting, and resolving) that may not be handled by the same team members, having a communication device that is linked to Jira will help get everyone on the same page fast. Conversations can happen simultaneously even in remote teams, which means that issues can be resolved faster, ensuring faster turnaround and more effective product delivery.

Keeps everyone in the loop – both on and off Jira

Some team members may not use Jira directly for a variety of reasons but still may need to be kept in the loop on various issues. Consider:

    • Associates who deal directly with clients and may need to provide updates on bugs or other issues
    • Management members who oversee entire departments or multiple projects who need to be sure deadlines are being hit
    • CEOS and other members of an organization that don’t need details but do require high-level updates

While these team members may not be on Jira, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get notified when pertinent issues arise. By linking Jira to another company platform, these individuals never have to jump onto the Jira system to be notified of specific events that occur within it.

Helps Agile teams iterate faster

Since collaboration can spark more rapid communication, Agile teams are able to iterate faster with a faster turnaround on issues and bug fixes. This is a huge selling point for project managers who need to ensure teams hit deadlines to keep deliverables on track at every stage of product development.

Applications and Integrations to Consider

Bitbands’s Slack+Jira Integration

With many companies opting for Slack as their communication platform of choice, linking it with Jira’s project management platform is easy via Bitband. Once connected, team members will be able to:

    • Create notifications at a system, product and issue level
    • Link new Jira issues with existing Slack channels
    • Send notifications to specific individuals
    • Search and assign issues on Jira from Slack
    • Utilize one channel for multiple notifications

For individuals who may be on Slack but not on Jira, Bitband makes staying in the loop easy. These individuals can now be placed on existing Slack channels that follow specific issues so they can see and comment on items outside of Jira itself. Find more about Bitband’s integration here.

Kovair Support for Jira Integration

Kovair JIRA Integration Adaptor provides a seamless link between Jira and tools such as RequisitePro, ClearQuest, SVN, and TFS. Integration Jira with these tools ensures everything is integrated along the development chain and are easily traceable back to its origin – no matter the platform.

With Kovair integration, teams can expect:

    • Integrated and automated defect management
    • Absolute traceability
    • Management reporting
    • Improved productivity and enhanced collaboration
    • Easy attachment of comments, images, and attachments to issues that flow across all integrated tools

Find out more about Kovair’s Jira integration here.

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