How Database DevOps Helps in Remote Working During COVID-19

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How Database DevOps Helps in Remote Working During COVID-19

The world has come to a grinding halt due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. Due to the tremendous possibility of contamination which is spread by human contact things that were easily accessible have been stopped and restricted due to lockdown worldwide.

There are many things that we restricted to do, like maintaining social distancing, no taking part in social events, hand sanitization, using masks while we are out on the road. No usage of public transport and most importantly to avoid community spreading of this virus we must stay at home.

The lockdown has closed many offices, supermarkets, shopping malls, other sources of entertainment and sustain productivity and continue the workflow it has led to an overhaul of the rarely used term ‘Work from Home’ that has been a prevalent term in the IT industry.

A steep surge of ‘Work from Home’ in various sectors like education, medical consultation, legal and many more could not have been possible without the implementation of software development.

Now let’s talk about the IT industry, as we all know there is a surge for the implementation of a remote working system giving rise to internet access, connectivity and IT dependency like never before. Hence managing data has been on the priority list of many companies.

Every industry be it in any sector needs to manage its database with security and accessibility for it to implement remote working, hence they are moving towards database DevOps. Adapting this system helps to maintain the workflow efficiently than the legacy system and can keep the families at home.

Problem with the legacy system in a standard office setup

The legacy system generally works in a standard setup that does not require the mobilization of data, but in the current time of pandemic data movement to an accessible system hinders the smooth working of this system.

In a standard legacy system, the version control has not been at its right place. Usually, the changes are revised only in the shared settings or by file shares along with the custom scripts. In this situation, it is difficult to maintain face-to-face contacts among teams creating more confusion. The teams become more dependent on communication via emails which usually needs them to slow down the work and production to avoid unwanted issues.

The only solution to this recurring problem during this time is to switch over to database DevOps and pick up the speed of workflow to deliver on time improving work rate and delivery while staying safe at home.

What is Database DevOps?

DevOps is not only applied for deployments, but it is also applied to the database for development to motivate the automation and the flow of data through multiple enterprises, from source to storage. It is progressively being applied to the databases with a lot of careful measures s there is always a tendency of loss of data.

Kovair DevOps can help to ease this issue helping many organizations to implement remote working during this pandemic.

What is Kovair DevOps?

Kovair DevOps is a product of Kovair Software helping organizations to implement IT infrastructure in their existing operating systems. This can improve their IT efficiency by automating and orchestrating software releases, pipelines, and deployments across multiple environments. The organizations can select single cross-platform & cross-database solutions enabling DevOps over a Multimodal Development Environment with the choice of their tools.

This organizes the workflow with minimal human intervention helping people to work more efficiently during this time. It is secured so there is less chance of data loss, a common pain point for any organization going through a digital transformation during this time.

Benefits of Kovair DevOps

There are multiple benefits of Kovair DevOps, some of them which help during the time of COVID-19 are:

  • It supports cross-platform installation, which helps to implement any legacy system.
  • It can support multiple databases such as Maria DB, SQL Server and Oracle fitting into the needs of organizations of all magnitudes.
  • Kovair DevOps offers Task-Based pipelines supporting parallel tasks, stages of release and execution of one pipeline from another.
  • It even supports the cloning of the pipelines as well.
  • It supports distributed builds with multiple agents, for well-distributed workflow.
  • It supplies shells and Windows command execution in pre-build steps.
  • It allows managing pipeline execution from e-mail for better connectivity.
  • Kovair DevOps supports notification on the build status, so every movement is notified.
  • It provides complete insight into release progress & process efficiency through real-time reports & dashboards for thorough analysis.


COVID-19 has played havoc on the world economy, to keep their employee safe many organizations are opting for the digitization of their operating systems. This pandemic has pushed the workforce to adapt the system of remote working and Kovair DevOps can help organizations to adapt this condition faster with less effort.

With so many benefits Kovair DevOps is an ideal option to develop the IT infrastructure of the organizations and can help them to keep afloat in these trying times.

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