How AI Can Help Prevent Data Breaches

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How AI Can Help Prevent Data Breaches

Artificial Intelligence is like a boon to technology! From medical sciences to entertainment to smart home, the influence of AI applications is everywhere around us. But as AI applications and machine learning applications are present almost in every segment, the threat of security breach too is on the rise.

No matter how much corporates try to store data in a secured environment, cybercriminals will continue to find a way through their nasty schemes to penetrate through the system. The struggle is real—indeed!

But the question is, can AI help prevent data breaches? Is there any way by which Artificial Intelligence can help us to identify the dirty schemes laid down by the hacker and prevent any kind of unwanted data violation? Fortunately, yes! AI can help us to prevent data breaches.

3 Ways AI Can Help to Protect Your Data from Cyber Hackers

A data breach can be caused due to any reason, whether it’s explicit via hacker’s attack or implicit due to human errors. Whatever the reason may be, if we implement AI applications at the right time, then this can help us prevent cyber-attacks happening in the future. Some of the benefits of using AI are as follows:

  1. Capability to Anticipate in Advance

As AI helps us in detecting issues in real-time, corporate professionals could use this as a medium for tracking down any suspicious activity that may take place within the network. Artificial Intelligence applications can be created as a defense mechanism to safeguard your data and firewall so that no one can gain unauthorized access without leaving a trace.

  1. Protection and Enhanced Security

Whether it’s our bank account or an email account, we always need a password or key to access our data, right? Just like debit or credit card PINs, which is required every time you want to use your card. Is this 4-digit pin enough to protect your privacy? What if hackers get hold of your email account’s password and your whole world is turned into a nightmare?

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This is where AI can step in like your savior. AI can add an extra layer of security to your account, something which is way stronger than a PIN or a passcode. AI and machine learning together can do a phenomenal job to prevent data breaches. As usernames and passwords are easily hacked by hackers, AI can help in safeguarding your account and protecting your vital information.

  1. Prevention from Identity Theft

Data is one of the most important intangible elements around us! Without data, we’re nothing. It is sad to state; crimes like identity theft are increasing rapidly. Even the most robust software systems are not spared and can become an easy target for fraudster’s nasty schemes. Using AI and machine learning algorithms, we can add an extra layer of security to our account by taking into account our biometric information.

Artificial Intelligence applications can verify and authenticate our identity to ensure that our ID is not forged by any third party. More accurate login process can be created, thereby making sure that only we can have access to our account and our data remains safe and intact. These reliable solutions should be used at each and every platform for effective ID authentication and protection against identity theft.


There is so much that one can do with AI and machine learning if used effectively and with the right approach! We hope that more and more such AI applications are implemented so that we can detect potential dangers beforehand and safeguard our privacy.

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