Global DevOps Software Market Research and Future Business Trend

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Global DevOps Software Market Research and Future Business Trend

Global DevOps software market is growing at the speed of light due to the products’ high potential and ability to deal with substantial problems faced by the software development industry. The major point addressed by DevOps is the time spent on software development as well as the quality of the final product.

The inefficiency of software and apps, coupled with missed deadlines and improper quality assurance leads to unfortunate downtime, higher costs, and rising client dissatisfaction. DevOps puts the key specialists involved in software development on one team, making the process a bit more complex but a lot more effective.

The Growing Popularity of DevOps

Development, operations, and QA experts are part of one DevOps team to provide top-notch results. Each one of the specialists receives clear instructions, understands business goals, and knows how to work in an unusual team called Development and Operations.

Tools for DevOps are getting more and more popular since they are facilitating the development process within a combined team and also reduce the number of errors. Such tools help improve the stability and security of the DevOps process. Assistants like Platform-as-a-service and containerization induce market growth. The virtualization of such services is becoming a major trend, simplifying DevOps and contributing to the DevOps market rise.

The world is demonstrating a growing requirement for high operational flexibility, better client satisfaction, and penetration of the IoT (Internet of Things). According to experts at the software development company, Tricension, this rising demand is another reason why global DevOps marketing is growing faster than expected.

DevOps is a special approach to enterprise software development, which can’t function without effective collaboration, automation, and communication between software developers and IT operation teams. It appeared from a mix of two popular methods: Agile System Administration and Agile Operations. DevOps combines tools that provide help to develop, manage, and deliver software during its development cycle. These tools facilitate the development process tremendously, reducing code errors, increasing its quality, and improving security and maintainability of operation procedures.

Overall, the DevOps market is currently growing thanks to the increase in the cloud adoption, appearance of containerization, PaaS (Platform as a service), and service virtualization as well as growth of IoT.

DevOps Market Segmentation for Research

For general research, the DevOps market is segmented based on tools, size of business, and geography.

  • Tools – development, testing, operation
  • Business size – large enterprise, SME (small and medium-sized enterprises).
  • Geography – North America, South America, Middle East + Africa, Asian-Pacific region.

North America is currently the largest revenue-generating segment due to the rise of cloud technology in the area. Meanwhile, the Asian-Pacific region is considered the fastest growing market segment due to the rise of IT SMEs in the area and their need to employ DevOps for business operations.

Today’s DevOps market leaders taken for the latest studies are IBM Corporation; CA Technologies, Cisco Systems, Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Chef, Inc., Puppet Labs, Inc., Docker, Inc.,  Clarizen, Inc., Microsoft Corporation.

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Future of DevOps Software Market: Forecasts

Here are a few things awaiting the industry in the future –

According to the study made by Grand View Research, the global DevOps market size is expected to approach $12.85 billion by 2025 with an 18.60% CAGR during the mentioned period.

In 2018, the size of the global DevOps platform market was $ 2,590 million. By 2026, its size is expected to reach $7,120 million, with a CAGR 15.5% during the mentioned period.

North America is expected to remain the largest contributor to the DevOps market with Europe holding on to second place.

In 2017, large enterprises accounted for over 60% of the DevOps tools market. However, in the future, SME domination is expected thanks to the growing number of such businesses in all regions.


The DevOps software market is showing substantial growth trends all over the world, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The popularity of DevOps is growing and so is the number of tools to facilitate it. The specialist DevOps software developers are expected to benefit from the trend in a considerable manner.

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