From the Desk of the CEO – September 2010

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Dear Reader:

We are back after a brief interlude of the summer break with a renewed zeal and with interesting news for you!

Comfortingly, the economy is recuperating as indicated by the financial fundamentals as well as the recent stock market performance. While the politicians may be sending out mixed messages in respect of the US economy in the face of the election season, seasoned investors like Warren Buffet have ruled out any such phenomenon like a “Double Dip” recession. Be that as it may, Corporate America and the rest of the world leaders need to embark on the investment drive, especially in the critical area of infrastructure, to create and sustain economic growth. In fact, the sustained impressive growth performance by India and China as well as the global low inflation and interest rates serves to create a congenial investment climate.

Coming to the Kovair front, we have enjoyed a good summer both internally and from a customer perspective. Our product enhancements have continued in the area of tools integrations around the Kovair Omnibus, which involve key additional features and functionalities for the ALM-based Requirements Management Tools and Test Management. In this regard, our Vice President of Engineering has provided below a useful introduction to Folder Hierarchy, a new Kovair ALM feature, highlighting its distinct benefits for organizing items.

We have continued to expand our ITSM offering with respect to multiple “need based” configurations for both corporations for internal use and multiple service providers that offer Applications Support Services for major Applications such as ERP and CRM to the end users, using the Kovair ITSM Platform. Furthermore, they have the option of service provision through either mode: SaaS or On-Premise delivery; Kovair supports both.

While we have regularly held crucial webinars, our CTO Sky Basu conducted an important seminar at Hyderabad, India, in early September. Get the flavor of the seminar through the highlights contributed by him. We also invite you to our upcoming webinar on December 8 and 10 — please register for it now.

As reported by market analysts such as Gartner, a pathbreaking development in the tools area is in the making. Called Dev-Ops, this tool addresses both the Development and Operations needs of major IT Groups. We want you to know that Kovair, with its full Application Lifecycle Management and IT service management offerings and the Omnibus Integrations Middleware, is ideally positioned to deliver on this emerging trend.


Bipin Shah
CEO & Chairman

Folder Hierarchy – New Feature in Kovair ALM

Kovair has recently introduced a new feature to organize entity items such as Requirements, Test Cases and Issues in a folder like hierarchy structure. Users will be able to create a tree like folder structure and drag/drop items into those folders. It is a windows explorer- like structure where left pane shows the folder hierarchy and the right pane shows the items contained in the selected folder. Items in the right pane can be searched for texts or can be filtered using different filters. Items can be viewed with different column values based on the selected view.

Users with right access permission can create new folders, move, rename or delete folders. Some users will be able to move items across folders just through the drag-drop feature but others may not based on access permission. This is a traditional way of organizing items and may not be a good fit for handling large numbers of items. Kovair has incorporated the new feature in order to support customers who are used to traditional static folder organization. Kovair also provides Grid Structure and Dynamic Folder Structure which are more suitable for organizing large numbers of items. Dynamic Folder Structure dynamically organizes items based on a nested grouped view. Moreover, dynamic views are flexible enough to show the same items in a different hierarchy – grouped by Release and Priority, Module and Status, Type and Criticality, or any other nested hierarchy. By contrast, static view provides just one hierarchy to view the items.

Static Folder View

Static Folder View

Dynamic Folder View

Dynamic Folder View

Hyderabad Seminar Highlights

On Sept 9, 2010, Kovair Software and Pegasys jointly held a seminar titled “Bridging the gap between IT Service Management and Integrated ALM/ SDLC” at Novotel Hotel, International Convention Center, Hyderabad, India. It was inaugurated by Mr. M. Gopi Krishna, Special Secretary, IT and Communications Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.

After the welcome speech and introduction by Mr. Jhilam Nandi, Head of Sales and Marketing, Kovair India, and Mr. Ramesh Bhandari, Managing Director of Pegasys, the keynote address was delivered by Mr. Ram Sajja, President, Goldstone Technologies, on “Right Tools for ALM/SDLC and IT Service Management.”

Mr. Sky Basu, CTO of Kovair, presented two sessions before the lunch break and one session thereafter. The first session was focused on ITSM, titled “Why and How to implement ITIL- based ITSM?” Alternating between the power point presentation and the product demo of ITIL V3-compliant Kovair ITSM, Mr. Basu explained the key features required to implement ITIL in an IT organization. In the second session titled “Integrated ALM – the Future of Development Management?”, Mr. Basu performed a full-fledged demonstration of Integrated ALM using Kovair’s ALM and Omnibus Integrations Middleware.

The after-lunch session began with the presentation of a case study on “Implementing Requirements Management for a Systems Engineering Organization” by Mr. G. J. Naveen, Senior Manager – Process and Quality, Medha Servo Drives. Mr. Naveen shared the company’s experience and methodology in implementing the Kovair ALM, focusing on Requirements Management for the Systems Engineering group. The seminar was concluded by Mr. Basu with a tutorial on “Requirements Traceability, Reuse and Testing.”

This highly interactive seminar was well -attended by practitioners from both public as well as private sector organizations. Kovair plans to hold similar seminars in the US and Indian technology hub cities in the future.

Kovair Hyderabad Seminar

Kovair Hyderabad Seminar2

Upcoming Webinar

Kovair Omnibus Integrations with Best of Breed Tools from all Major ALM Vendors – IBM, HP, Microsoft and CA”

Experience Integrated ALM with tools like RequisitePro, HP Quality Center, Clear Quest, Clearcase, Microsoft TFS, Visual, Eclipse and Clarity that will take you on a fully integrated Software Development Life Cycle ? SDLC/ALM – from Requirements to Release and many important steps in between! Only Kovair Omnibus Middleware integrations can deliver on this value proposition today!
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Atanu Majumdar
VP, Engineering
Kovair Software, Milpitas, California

Sky Basu
CTO & President
Kovair Software, Milpitas, California

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