From the Desk of the CEO – November 2012

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Greetings from Kovair and welcome to our newsletter!

In this newsletter, you will read about our new Agile solution with enhancements in our ALM offering, a much improved Microsoft Word add-in for better management of Requirements, and several additions in our product literature and website content.

I personally, however, want to apprise you about two partnerships we have created recently for enhancing our Omnibus Integration business value proposition.

We announced our CloudOne partnership in a joint press release dated October 2, 2012. This partnership will provide Kovair’s popular Omnibus Integration capabilities with more than 30 best of breed tools from IBM, HP, Microsoft, Atlassian, and open-source providers over the Cloud from CloudOne infrastructure. This will facilitate an Integrated ALM offering over the Cloud for some very large customers of CloudOne — a premier IBM business partner — who use tools from major vendors like IBM Rational, Microsoft, and others.

Another partnership that we have signed recently is with Tech Mahindra — a major India-based IT service provider focused on the Telecom vertical — to offer Kovair’s Omnibus capabilities for ALM Integrations to their major customers globally, and to focus more specifically on the integrated solutions for software Test Management using some of the popular tools in the industry.

Kovair is continuing its efforts to broaden its partnerships with multiple ALM vendors as well as IT service providers to offer the most cost effective and unique solutions to customers at large.

Thanks for taking the time to read the news from Kovair.

Bipin Shah
CEO & Chairman

New Agile Solution by Kovair

Agile processes, such as SCRUM and Kanban are becoming increasingly popular in software development. An Agile process allows organizations to effectively manage changing requirements and emphasizes on collaboration among software development teams and customers, resulting in early product delivery. Kovair Agile Solution helps IT companies become more agile by improving their responsiveness to changes across the entire SDLC.

Kovair Agile Solution has extended the SCRUM methodology to implement various tools necessary to implement Agile processes in a distributed development scenario. A major differentiator between Kovair Agile Solution and its contemporaries is its configurability. Kovair Agile Solution can be extended and further configured to incorporate any organizational need that goes beyond the typical definition of SCRUM and Agile methodology.

Kovair Agile Solution brings in the concepts of Team, Task Board, and improved Burn Down and Velocity charts. Some new reports like “Teamiwse Distribution of load” have been added to facilitate the estimation of user stories. These advanced reports will enhance Managers’ insight into project progress.


Fig: Taskboard


Fig: Burn-down chart for a specific sprint and date range

Fig: Velocity chart for specific sprints

Fig: Epic > Feature > User Story Traceability View

Microsoft Word Add-In

Kovair has recently updated its Word Add-In with enhanced capabilities for parsing Word documents and importing the constituent items into Kovair.

Users will now be able to define the logic of parsing documents in template format and reuse the parsing logic instead of defining it every time before parsing.

Users can import items and establish traceability without navigating from Word. This is because the enhanced Word Add-In allows users to import items from Table of Contents (TOC) based Word documents into Kovair and create relationships between the Word documents and imported items. Relationships can also be created between the imported items and items of related entities. All this can be done at the time of import — directly from the Word document.

The enhanced Word Add-In enables users to complete documents in incremental manner and import items from partially completed documents into Kovair, without triggering any inconsistency. This is possible because the enhanced Word Add-In supports bi-directional synchronization between Word and Kovair and therefore users can ensure that the items parsed from Word documents and the corresponding items in Kovair are always in sync.

Enriched Product Literature and Website Content

Over the last quarter, Kovair has enhanced its repertoire of adapters/connectors to benefit the customers who want to reap higher returns from their investment on ALM tools. However, these adapters/connectors need collateral and therefore Kovair has enriched its product literature with datasheets and updated its corporate website with new landing pages.

The datasheets are adapter-specific; for example, separate datasheets have been created for IBM Jazz products like Rational Team Concert (RTC) and Rational Requirement Composer (RRC), Atlassian JIRA, and Microsoft TFS. These can be downloaded from: The datasheets aim to educate customers or prospects with the value additions that the adapters/connectors can make to their business operations. For example, the RTC datasheet enlists the RTC adapter’s features, benefits and system requirements, and illustrates how the RTC adapter would function in a typical integration scenario.

Landing pages refer to the adapter-specific pages accessible through Related Pages links provided on the Omnibus page. New landing pages have been added for:

Salesforce Integration: Provides information on basic architecture, benefits, and integration points related to Salesforce integration with JIRA, CQ, Remedy and ServiceNow.

Scenario based landing pages: Depict the flow of artifacts between the integrated tools. Currently available scenario-based landing pages are:

  • JIRA & ClearQuest Integration
  • JIRA & TFS Integration
  • SharePoint & QC Integration
  • QC, SharePoint, JIRA, TFS Integration

In addition to summarized content, the landing pages provide links to recorded webinars and videos that depict life after integration.

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