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Kovair at the IBM Innovate Show, June 2012

We participated at the IBM Rational Innovate Conference in Orlando, Florida, June 3-7, 2012, the world’s largest gathering of IBM Rational Tools users, vendors, partners and thought leaders.

Kovair, one of the sponsors, showcased its industry- leading Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. A good number of attendees visited our booth with many of them looking for a one-stop integration solution for connecting multi-vendor ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools, which can provide complete transparency, end-to-end visibility, efficient collaboration, and consolidated reporting. For example, one of the groups reported using IBM RTC (Rational Team Concert) and HP Quality Center, while another mentioned Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server), Enterprise Architect from SparxSystems and IBM RQM (Rational Quality Manager).

Having invested a significant amount of time and money in these tools, they were seeking more value through effective and simple integrations. They were pleasantly surprised to discover the possibilities with Kovair Omnibus as we were able to demonstrate its efficacy in meeting their needs. Another major focus of the conference was OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration), a W3C- based linked data integration model natively supported by IBM Rational tools such as RTC, RRC and RQM. Kovair’s contribution as an OSLC community member was recognized at the OSLC Hospitality Event. Kovair has developed an OSLC Adapter around its Omnibus Integration Platform which enables integration of several tools from multiple vendors like HP, Microsoft, IBM and Open Sources. In fact, it is working closely with the OSLC group to bring in support for more and more ALM and PLM tools. Please click to find out Kovair-supported specifications and tools.

If you find yourselves in the shoes of these attendees, please contact us at . Why grapple with disconnected tools when you can benefit from a central integration platform like the Kovair Omnibus?

Kovair’s Successful POC at a Leading IT/BPO Company

Kovair began this second quarter with a successful POC for a leading IT Services company that serves major customers in Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare in the US. The POC demonstrated the following capabilities of Kovair Omnibus Integration Framework:

Integration with several tools, such as Rational Requisite Pro, HP QC, QTP, Subversion SCM, JIRA, Eclipse, and Microsoft Visual Studio.
Dashboard and Reporting capabilities using the Kovair ALM.
The POC’s highlight was the utilization of the Cloud computing infrastructure: the entire environment was set up on the Cloud distributed over two Virtual Cloud servers. The Desktop tools installed on these servers, such as Requisite Pro, QTP, Eclipse and VSTS, were accessible through a secure channel while the rest of the integrated tools were accessible through Web browsers.

The POC was carried out based on a well-conceived and well-defined storyline that involved all these tools and the utility of each of the tools in various phases of Application Lifecycle Management. Accordingly, the integration environment was set up so that a Requirement created in Requisite Pro got replicated across Kovair and QC, and changes made to that Requirement in Kovair got updated in Requisite Pro and QC.

The POC explained how Kovair supports coding in Eclipse and VSTS, and allows users to manage file check-in/checkouts from their IDE by simply using Kovair plug-ins for Eclipse and VSTS.

Further, the POC demonstrated the use of Kovair’s tool integration capabilities for Test Management and Defect Management. Tests added in QC, along with Requirement Coverage, got replicated in Kovair along with the Test Steps. Also, results of Tests executed in QTP were reflected in Kovair and QC. In addition, defects added in QC got replicated in Kovair and JIRA, and defects resolved in JIRA were synched back to Kovair and QC.

Significantly, the cross-tool data flow was completely seamless and transparent, demonstrating the capability for effective team collaboration irrespective of users’ locations or tools.

An IBM Rational Competency group within the Services Company participated in this well- documented and well -defined pilot over a six- week period, and Kovair’s capabilities were acknowledged and well-received by them!

We encourage any company considering Integrated ALM on the Cloud or on premise with Kovair to email

Kovair Introduces 3 New Omnibus Adapters/Connectors in Q2

The following new adapters for Kovair’s Omnibus Integration Platform have been completed during this quarter and we welcome inquiries from all interested parties by email at


ServiceNow is a SAAS based IT Service Management tool. Kovair Omnibus Adapter for ServiceNow exposes Incidents, Problems, Change Requests, Knowledgebase Items or Custom Objects tracked and managed within ServiceNow and allows them to be synched bi-directionally with any other tool. Integration between ServiceNow and other tools such as JIRA, Microsoft TFS, SharePoint, ClearQuest, HP Quality Center or can be achieved through this adapter.


Remedy is an IT Service Management tool. Kovair Omnibus Adapter for Remedy exposes Releases, Incidents, Problems, Change Requests, Configuration Items or Custom Objects tracked and managed within Remedy and allows them to be synched bi-directionally with any other tool. This adapter can achieve integration between Remedy and other tools such as Jira, Microsoft TFS, SharePoint, ClearQuest, HP Quality Center or

MS Project:

Microsoft Project is a Project Management tool offering Project Planning, Resource Scheduling and Tracking. Kovair Omnibus Adapter for MS Project (both client and server version) allows project tasks to be tracked, scheduled and managed within MS Project as well as synchronized with other ALM tools. Synchronization can take place, for example, between MS Project and JIRA, MS Project and Microsoft TFS or MS Project and ClearQuest or any of the more than 30 other ALM and IT Tools for which Kovair has Adapters.

Contact for further information.

Upcoming Webinar: How to Effectively Manage ITIL Compliant IT Services for Customers, June 28, 2012

This webinar aims at sharing Kovair’s experience in setting up 100% web-based ITSM solution for integrating and automating various ITIL v3 process areas, helping attendees understand:

  • Overall ITSM scope
  • Key ITIL process areas
  • Best practice business process workflows for ITIL processes
  • Service catalogs, key reports and dashboards
  • Challenges of setting up ITSM solutions

7th Global Project Management Leadership (PML 2012) Conference

Kovair participated as a sponsor in the 7th Annual International Project Management Leadership Conference [PML 2012] organized by QAI in New Delhi, India, on May 18. This conference is a well-known forum for exchanging, learning, and accelerating the implementation of best practices in the domain of Project Management. The conference theme was “Role of Project Management in achieving Operational and Business Excellence.”

PML 2012, which drew attendees from numerous organizations, sought to showcase the best practices in Project and Program Management and highlighted how they could improve organizational competencies as well as the top and bottom lines of organizations.

Kovair had visitors to its booth from several companies who evinced a keen interest in the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform and the ITSM solution in the Cloud.

Latest Demo on Tools Integration with Kovair Omnibus

Watch the useful video on the overview of tools integration with the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. You might also be interested in reading up on pages on specific integrations – – JIRA and ClearQuest, JIRA and TFS, and SharePoint and HP Quality Center.

Download our latest brochure “Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform: OSLC and Other Integrations.”

Recorded Webinar: Implement End-to-End ALM/SDLC from Customer Request to Delivery with the Omnibus Integration Platform, May 23, 2012

This webinar demonstrates a complete end-to-end integration scenario using the following multi-vendor tools –, RequisitePro, Eclipse, Visual Studio, ClearCase and Quality Center.


  • Why do we need integrated tools?
  • What are the problems of point-to-point integrations?
  • What is the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform?
  • What are the benefits of integration using the Kovair Omnibus?
  • How does it actually work? – live demonstration of multiple integrations
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