From the Desk of the CEO – July 2011

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Dear Kovair Customers and Friends:

After taking the month of June off, we are back to update you on Kovair. The most significant news from Kovair over the last two weeks is that Kovair has expanded its global footprint and acquired Customer Service International, a Melbourne, Australia -based CRM and Service Company and joined hands with them to form Kovair Pty Ltd. in Australia as a majority-owned subsidiary. This is the second such entity formation for Kovair in the last few months after having formed a similar entity in India in December 2010. These three entities will allow Kovair to become a more global corporation with an enhanced capacity to serve our customers better. In addition, we have signed representation and reseller agreements with companies in France and Belgium to give us better presence in the European markets as well.

On the product front, we have been continuing our engineering investments to enhance our product capabilities with the recent addition of Document Management and multiple capabilities for our integration with SharePoint. Furthermore, multi-site integration capabilities for Rational ClearCase were architected for a recent pilot with a major technology company that will be highlighted below.

A very happy summer vacation season to all of you! We look forward to your continuing support.

Bipin A. Shah
Chairman & CEO

Kovair Completes a Major ALM Integration Pilot

During June, Kovair completed a successful pilot with a major high technology company in Silicon Valley that utilized the following capabilities of the Kovair ALM:

  • Document Management
  • Issues Management
  • Incident Management
  • Kovair Omnibus Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Kovair Omnibus Integration with Rational ClearCase SCM

Kovair’s newly released Document Management and its Issues Management capabilities were used to potentially replace an in- house built Document and Issues Management product. The ClearCase integration covers usage at multiple sites globally and the integration will allow the Company to continue to use ClearCase over a longer period of time or to consider migrating in a planned manner to any other latest SCM tool. Several segments of the development groups participated in a well- documented and well -defined pilot over a six- week period with Kovair’s capabilities acknowledged and well -received by them!

We encourage any company considering Integrated ALM with global collaborative multisite development capabilities of Kovair to email

Kovair’s New Customer- Honeywell

Honeywell is Kovair’s new customer as of June 2011, following the successful implementation of a pilot project that demonstrated the capabilities of Kovair’s Requirements Management solution and of Kovair Omnibus for integrations with third-party tools. In addition, Kovair has implemented the Test Management solution at Honeywell.

As part of the project, Kovair created custom templates for capturing requirements, allowing business requirements to be entered with unique requirement tags. These business requirements would then link with the Design Elements and Test Design templates. Besides, a full-fledged process was created as per Honeywell’s requirements, involving the following teams:

  • Business Analysts
  • Stakeholders
  • Development team
  • QA team

The following features would be used extensively at Honeywell:

  • Traceability between functional requirements and business requirements.
  • Versioning to view the version changes for a given requirement and for the SRS as a whole.
  • Capturing comments on business requirements and customer specifications.
  • Attachment of Visio documents, images and Excel sheets at both requirement and document levels.
  • Printing/exporting documents in Word, Excel or PDF formats.
  • Workflow management and event- based notifications.
  • Ability to set view & edit permissions on a requirement on the tool.
  • Automatic locking of a requirement during editing to prevent editing by more than one user at a time.
  • Publishing requirements on a web page.
  • Linking business requirements to a business process step or activity in a process.
  • Downloading requirements from the tool, working offline and re-uploading changes.
  • Performing Impact Analysis, enabling viewing the impact of a requirement change on other requirements / test cases that are linked to it.

Upcoming Webinar: HP Cloud Integrations in Three Steps Using the Kovair Enterprise Service Bus – ESB A webinar with Ken Vollmer, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research September 8, 2011

Integration is one of the major hurdles in achieving the benefits of cloud computing for an enterprise. Integrations between cloud applications and enterprise legacy applications as well as between cloud-based applications themselves are the critical elements of success of this strategy.

Enterprises have carried out point-to-point integrations between enterprise applications with long and expensive deployment cycles. Kovair’s ESB, the Omnibus Integration Middleware, offers a code-less implementation of integrations among multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-location applications over the Cloud

The following three steps achieve this without the need for additional services by using out-of-the-box Adapters/Connectors for popular enterprise applications.

Step 1: Download and install adapters for each application
Step 2: Configure the integration process using a graphical drag-and-drop interface
Step 3: Achieve the data transfer in real-time

In addition to the real-time data transfer among applications, Omnibus offers definition of relations between the objects in these applications, cross-application workflow management and consolidated dashboards and reports.

Ken Vollmer, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, will discuss the benefits of a comprehensive solution based on Enterprise Service Bus and the adoption trends.

Sky Basu, Ex-CTO of Kovair, will present how using Omnibus Integration Middleware, enterprises can achieve their cloud integration goals with substantially reduced time and costs with considerable ease of ongoing maintenance!

Ken Vollmer – Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Sky Basu – Ex-CTO & Vice-President, Kovair Software

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Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software products company specializing in the domain of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions and supports global software development and management. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed software development tools and other business applications enables the creation of software applications in a synchronized tools environment through its Omnibus Integration Platform. Now with its recent introduction of DevOps capabilities, it has a full offering of software development tools in multiple domains. Kovair’s flagship products Omnibus Integration Platform, Kovair ALM, DevOps, QuickSync for data migrations, and Kovair PPM, are highly preferred solutions by some of the major corporations globally.