Four Key Business Benefits of SAP HANA

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SAP HANA is a specially featured relational database management system that keeps up with a special feature of column-oriented management and in-memory data storage. The prime function of this database is storing and transmitting data as per application needs.

The key aspect that makes HANA unique from the previous generation SAP system is that it operates both an online transaction processing system and an online analytical programming system. This makes HANA an OLTAP system.

The in-memory feature makes the processing and data query faster than ever. SAP HANA heeds to the column-oriented instead of the row-oriented system, which means all single column data is stored in one place. SAP HANA is more about fulfilling future needs like data querying and faster installations.

Are you looking forward to SAP cloud platform integration but are having second thoughts? If yes, then you hit the right one. Here you will find four significant benefits of SAP HANA.

Business Benefits of SAP HANA

1. High performance

The speed of SAP cloud integration makes it a flexible option as you can obtain absolute benefits with data. For example, your company’s finance team can run several tasks without worrying about finishing one at a time.

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The tasks can run various times to achieve improved outcomes. The S/4 HANA offers real-time data storage and processing. It provides high performance for time-driven and intricate businesses such as enhanced forecasting, various analytics of real-time data, data execution, reporting, planning, and instant culmination.

A company can instantly recover a lot of losses with real-time data analytics and reporting. High-end companies like Paypal, Dell, Walmart, Nestle use SAP HANA because they have a similar type of large data. This way, SAP HANA makes for the storage of similar types of data will be at a single place; this will make the usage of data easy and effective. As per employees, businesses employing SAP HANA 36% are large companies, 27% are small, and 37% are medium-sized companies.

2. Advanced efficiency

The UI is entirely steered by SAP Fiori and supported by SAP HANA; thus, it leads to a user-friendly rendition of real-time data and business insight. This helps companies to outgrow their competitors and helps them to expand their businesses.

The use of SAP Fiori is the primary key for improved productivity. The column-oriented storage makes the data usage efficient and brings a credible business advantage in every surge issue.

SAP S/4 HANA and SAP SoH HANA’s benefits facilitate several transactions using one application, and the deals are commenced with fewer clicks. Plus, you can customize the screen fill-out to enhance the user experience. In SAP HANA FI- and CO- are recouped as a single line item; this improves the reliability of data across every function. SAP HANA is one such by-product of SAP that is steering cloud adoption by companies via cloud-based modeling.

3. Excellent data management

You can easily reduce operational monitoring costs by employing SAP HANA. This assists in averting data delays which can get the query to organization data reliability. SAP HANA helps businesses achieve their goals by offering different business tools. This way, an organization can directly broadcast from their ERP Databases.

With SAP HANA, you can make informed and prompt decisions via improved visibility by SAP HANA live help organizations. The users can create necessary queries to extract any data.

The online analytical programming system feature makes the data storage and usage simpler. With improved analytics, a business can generate double ROI in a restricted time frame.

The SAP Cloud Platform offers physically restricted businesses to expand over geographical boundaries. Even if you are a small business, you will need to implement SAP HANA to keep on growing. So, if you are thinking of adopting SAP HANA, do it at the earliest.

4. Ownership management

The SAP HANA system is a cost-effective option. It enables you to enlist all the transactional and analytical capabilities of various systems within a single system, which steers business making. If you are looking for an option that can yield higher ROI in the longer term, go for SAP HANA.

The advantages of cross-functional transparency appear as a beneficiary of SAP HANA, making the workflow dependable and reliable. When a company’s workflow becomes reliable, it directly increases productivity.

The ability to access data in diverse system areas and cross-functional work further helps to derive real-time analytics and insights into the company’s data.


SAP Implementation Companies offer SAP HANA services; this service provides an advanced data platform that authorizes faster data access by employing column storing. SAP HANA utilizes compression methods that yield high efficiency like dictionary and cluster coding, run-length encoding. The SAP HANA system intends to make the user experience simple to manage their IT landscape and curtailing administrative efforts.

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