Enterprise-level Data Collaboration in a Time of COVID-19

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Enterprise-level Data collaboration

Every company has been hit by COVID-19 directly or indirectly. To safeguard against the spread of coronavirus employees are encouraged to working remotely whenever possible. Working remotely posed a new challenge for the workforce to collaborate and share data among and across teams. Re-engineering the business process to accommodate remote users and align them with the business objectives is easier said than done. Data collaboration tools from Kovair are viable solutions to collaborate for data among different teams and management levels.

Overview of Data collaboration

Covid-19 impacted the business mainly in two ways; one is financial another is operational. Organizations globally are experiencing unprecedented workforce disruption. Virtually all companies are still determining how we will work in the short and long-term, as workforces and communities try to function and perform while struggling to cope with what is happening in their daily lives. All companies are facing the pressure to re-engineer their systems, tools, and processes to provide better data which is fundamental to improving insights and driving well-grounded business decisions.

Data Collaboration should not be an afterthought, rather it should be embedded within the foundation of the core process of a business. Kovair Omnibus provides the necessary feature to accommodate the end-to-end collaboration among all 100+ off-the-shelf leading product development tools and other applications such as CRM, sales, security and business applications such as ERP. It is a platform for integration that allows connecting various applications on the cloud or on-premise. The platform also facilitates integration between cloud-to-cloud, on-premise-to-on- premise or cloud to on-premise typically known as the Hybrid Cloud.

Many Products to Suite to any business needs

1. Kovair Omnibus

Kovair Omnibus is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform that seamlessly connects applications and data using SOA Architecture. Omnibus provides comprehensive and cost-effective means of transferring synchronized data along with a full context. It has support for 110+ tools. This is the most battle-tested tool to achieve data collaboration for any medium to a very large organization. It can cater to a moderate to a very complex workflow. All collaboration logic can be achieved from an intuitive web UI. This is the most viable solution when integration between 3 or more tool is required.

Benefits of Kovair Omnibus

There are numerous business benefits of Kovair Omnibus, some of the important benefits are:

  • It is flexible to customize the syncing and linking procedure based on the requirements of the customer.
  • There are options to plug in and plug out adapters into the ecosystem as per the requirement, hence it is adaptable to the demands of the customers.
  • It provides a full web-based drag and drop interface that a customer can access in a standard browser, making it easily configurable as per the requirements of the customer.
  • It can control the integration of data flow by the central orchestration mechanism; hence the customer can regulate and control the data flow as per the requirement.
  • It can do integrity checking at its various tires to aid better synchronization enabling the customer to keep a check on the issues. If there is an issue it can be resolved by re sync mechanism.

Kovair Omnibus

2. Kovair QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync is a one-stop, cost-effective, wide-range data migration/synchronization solution for any enterprise across any industry. Kovair QuickSync is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and used with a very low infrastructure cost. The requirement of minimal infrastructure for operation makes it a very cost-effective and efficient solution for the industry. It not only helps to migrate data from one source to one target but also helps to migrate data from one source to multiple targets

Kovair QuickSync

3. Kovair DevOps

Kovair DevOps offering helps organizations to drive this transformation and improve their IT efficiency by automating and orchestrating software releases, pipelines, and deployments across multiple environments. It has 20+ plugins that connect to and automate external tools. Kovair DevOps can be leveraged with any existing workflow tools to manage workflow to the delivery pipeline remotely with email control.

Kovair DevOps

4. Kovair ALM

Kovair ALM has the built-in capability of collaborative online review over the web by the stakeholders. Using Kovair ALM you can generate all the necessary metrics as per the roles and responsibilities of the users. Live real-time dashboards and reports deliver all the key metrics to the stakeholders as and when needed. Kovair supports reports and documents of various kinds using multiple reporting options. It provides end to end traceability. Kovair ALM is fully configurable thus it does not restrict you to change your way of working and easily aligns the configuration of the tool with codeless mouse clicks. With the unique capability of creating different objects and defining the relationships between them, Kovair gives the flexibility of configuring the solution as per your existing working model. Kovair allows you to create business solutions through a codeless drag and drop mouse click configuration. This facility allows you to configure the attributes, layouts, ways of viewing and filtering through simple mouse clicks.

Kovair ALM

Key benefits of adopting Kovair tools

For a modern organization that seeks to take advantage of the high pace, agility in delivery, cost-effective operation and overall collaboration, the need of a centralized data integration tool becomes inevitable. It has become increasingly critical for a business to look at integrations in a new way.

Some Immediate benefits of Kovair

  • Centralized management- Web-based interface for configuration and deployment
  • Scalability – Runtime provisioning of middleware for increasing scalability
  • High Performance – low latency data flow and fast data synchronization
  • Reliability – With normal network and Server, the integration uptime is nearly 100%

Concluding Statement

One of the key aspects of Collaboration is data integration, as well as having a common platform which guides and channelizes the business data. From an integration standpoint, all data collaboration tools have role to play in the success of many organizations, based on the business strategy and the tools. Moreover, it depends on the amount of ad hoc integration required on a day-to-day basis for an enterprise. For organizations where it is required to deploy integrations with few tools and mostly on an ad-hoc basis, Kovair iPaaS may be well-suited.   

For Collaboration, Kovair delivers customconfigured solutions or pre-configured outofthebox products. These applications are configured on the Kovair application platform that allows users to replicate their entire lifecycle story in the system. 

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