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Kovair Omnibus
With the rapid growth of Software Industry today, delivering high quality software in a timely manner has become an obligation. It requires a proper methodology to be followed, as well as proper tools to be used to implement the same. However, seldom does a single tool have the capability to implement the various methodologies which differ for almost every single user. To address this issue, the user either has to go for a hard coded customization of the existing tool or switch to some other tool.

Kovair Omnibus Integration platform offers a great solution in this regard. With the high flexibility of configuring business rules in an interactive manner, integration with Kovair enhances the capabilities of best-of-breed tools and their usage manifold.

We will explain this through an example. Let us assume that a tester uses HP Quality Center for manual test management process. Now when a certain test execution fails, there is no provision in Quality Center to raise a defect automatically against the failed test case. This typical development issue can be addressed by integrating Quality Center with Kovair. While integrated, the test execution status is tracked through Kovair and a business rule or Kovair Policy is configured from Kovair which creates a Defect in QC.

 QC and Kovair Omnibus integration

Fig: Automated Defect Update in HP QC through Kovair Omnibus

Thus users are not limited by default capabilities of the tools that they currently use. The scope of manual intervention also reduces significantly.

Defect fixing is the next step in the lifecycle process where a developer faces yet another problem. The developer who is assigned to fix that defect either needs to go through the tool or search the email communication in order to get the information about the defect he or she might be working on.

Kovair Omnibus provides a unique solution in this regard by offering plug-ins for various IDEs. This empowers the developers to get a visibility into the defect tracking tool. Moreover, any kind of changes in the work items of that tool can be made sitting in the IDE. Omnibus offers plug-ins for some of the widely used IDEs like Eclipse or Visual Studio.Tools Exposed through Omnibus Explorer


Fig: Visibility of Bugs in JIRA from Eclipse IDE for a Developer

Not only the developers, designers working in Eclipse based Rational Software Architect can equally benefit from the Omnibus plug-in.

With Kovair Omnibus, no hard coded customization of tools is required to accommodate the desired workflows in the tool. This helps reduce the cost and effort involved in the process. In addition, the workflows are totally configurable and can be changed any time with a few mouse clicks. There is no need to customize the participating tools that would require re-writing the code altogether.

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Arunava Bhattacharya is a Software Engineer at Kovair Software, specializing in corporate solutions and services. Designing configurations to satisfy customers' ALM use cases is his core competency. He also takes keen interest in technical writing and photography.

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